• How to join Safeguard On Demand (Starling Edition) to AD?


    where can i join my Safeguard On Demand (Starling Edition) Aplliances to my Domain?

    It is needed so i can connect with RDP to my Assets, no?

    Thank you!

    Best regards 


  • Oracle DB Integration with SPP

    I am trying to integrate Oracle DB with Safeguard but in the Administration manual of SPP, I cannot find anything useful in the Preparing Oracle databases section. Is there any document that provide more details into Oracle DB integration steps?

  • MSSQL Session Request

    I am having SPP 7.0 (joined with SPS 7.0) and I wanted to integrate a SQL Server with it to allow users asking for a session request and use the MSSQL connection of SPS but I cannot create an Access Request Policy that allow for a session request. I also…

  • SQL Server Session Request

    I am having SPP 7.0 (joined with SPS 7.0) and I wanted to integrate a SQL Server with it to allow users asking for a session request and use the MSSQL connection of SPS but I cannot create an Access Request Policy that allow for a session request. I also…

  • Safeguard Approve from Email

    Hello Experts,

    I am looking to have easy approval process for safeguard requests. Current flow I see has email notification and have to login to safeguard to approve, I'm looking to approve it directly from email if a button is possible or through mobile…

  • SPP and Active Directory integration


    Is it possible to display an alias of the domain name in the login screen of SPP instead of the real domain name?



  • RDP Application - CMD strings


    we're trying to configure several services with RDP Application. For each service we need to insert the CMD string that is going to be run when the connection is being requested.

    Can you please provide us a more detailed overview on how the…

  • Documentation about OIDs for SPP?

    Hello to everyone!

    Are there any documentation about OIDs for SPP? Because after trap sending we only can parse information using OIDs numbers, but we don`t have documentation about them.

  • SPP - Hostname in the connection string


    In our environment we have a cluster of SPP and SPS linked together.

    We are using a pool of Windows Server Session Hosts and a RDS Connection Broker to balance the remote desktop connections to the servers.

    I have added the pool to SPP using its…

  • Directory Account Discovery doesn't import the account password


    i'm having a problem with the account discovery from the Active Directory. I've created the Discovery Rule that auto-manages the accounts discovered and it is associated to the Active Directory asset. The import is completed correctly, though the…

  • remote apps how they work? will it work for https web traffic?

    I couldn't find any clear documentation for Remote apps on how to configure or a use case. Will remote apps work for http/web traffic configuration ?

  • SPS to SPP Relink error


    we changed the SPP network, when i try to relink the appliance to the SPS, I'm getting the following error:

    "errors": [
    "details": {},
    "message": "scb.configapplier.configapplier.FailedToApplyConfiguration: Unexpected…

  • Network X1 - little doubt

    The customer would like to configure interface X1, thus changing the current IP (it is now to an internal IP. This way they can have two accesses to the SPP node, right? And they have the possibility, if the first network goes down (for…

  • SafeGuard 7.0.2 LTS. Account password change issue

    After upgrading to 7.0.2 we are seeing issue for functional accounts password change. Requests are being stuck with error. this was a working environment with 7.0 base LTS until the latest upgrade has been applied. I've verified in Assets AD sync is successfully…

  • How to implement a domain that is not joined nor has trusts to the main domain


    i have a question about this use case:

    i have to implement SPP+SPS in this environment with multiple domains. There's one domain that doesn't have trust to any domain (included the one where the appliances are) but it needs to be implemented in…


    Hello everyone.

    I have a small concern. Given the expansion of Nutanix in the virtualization market,

    does One Identity intend in the coming years to extend its solutions including Safeguard (SPP AND SPS) to support it as a hypervisor?

    I would be happy…

  • SPP permanent License and RDP session are not working

    I have a permanent SPP license but for a while my RDP sessions are not working and I also saw this in license section  :

    You have used all available offices for this license 

    • 0/0 Office,
    • 0/100 system,
    • ../.. users .

    What does this mean ? Can anyone help…

  • Recording HTTP/HTTPS URL's control

    Hello Experts,

    I am looking to add some URL's in Safeguard for control and record and would like to know is there anyway to achieve this? because I see only rdp and ssh/telnet options and not https in SPP. I have some Firewall that already are added through…

  • Gateway Authentication failed

    Hi all,

    i'm trying to configure a Pasword Initiated Session request for both a Windows and a Linux asset. The  configuration of the appliances should be ok since on another environment it works fine.I can request both sessions successfully and i can…

  • Account discovery through Active Directory

    Hi all,

    i'm trying to discover accounts from Active Directory but i'm having troubles.

    When i create a job discovery and select the Directory discovery type i can find all the account that i want to use to connect to the various Assets.

    The problem…

  • SPP Directory User doesn't delete in User list after removing it from Directory User Group

    Hi all,

    i tried to add a Directory User Group (it's the only group i have) to my SPP 7.0 LTE appliance. The group works fine and synchronizes perfectly when i add a user to it. The only problem i have is that when i remove a user from the group on the…

  • SPP | Disable Managed Accounts


    In what situations would SPP domain service account disables a managed AD account?

  • unable to connect to AIX server


    I have an issue with AIX server I have added it in our SPP and it was working just fine, however now when I test the connection or want to do discover accounts it shows the below error: 

    Please note that I am using SPP 6.13

    Also, the users can…

  • SPS SSH Issue


    Anyone faced issue with SSH accessing Ubuntu ?

    We have ARP for SSH with User Supplied Credentials and it fails with incorrect password. we thought something related to network but when we bypass Safeguard and plug a laptop on that interface and…

  • SPP and SPS 6.13.1 | Credential store plugin


    I have uploaded to SPS a customized credential store "SPS_safeguard".

    When selecting that Credential store in the SPS RDP connection policy which is shared with SPP.

    it gives the following error.

    Invalid configuration