• Recording HTTP/HTTPS URL's control

    Hello Experts,

    I am looking to add some URL's in Safeguard for control and record and would like to know is there anyway to achieve this? because I see only rdp and ssh/telnet options and not https in SPP. I have some Firewall that already are added through…

  • Gateway Authentication failed

    Hi all,

    i'm trying to configure a Pasword Initiated Session request for both a Windows and a Linux asset. The  configuration of the appliances should be ok since on another environment it works fine.I can request both sessions successfully and i can…

  • Account discovery through Active Directory

    Hi all,

    i'm trying to discover accounts from Active Directory but i'm having troubles.

    When i create a job discovery and select the Directory discovery type i can find all the account that i want to use to connect to the various Assets.

    The problem…

  • SPP Directory User doesn't delete in User list after removing it from Directory User Group

    Hi all,

    i tried to add a Directory User Group (it's the only group i have) to my SPP 7.0 LTE appliance. The group works fine and synchronizes perfectly when i add a user to it. The only problem i have is that when i remove a user from the group on the…

  • SPP | Disable Managed Accounts


    In what situations would SPP domain service account disables a managed AD account?

  • unable to connect to AIX server


    I have an issue with AIX server I have added it in our SPP and it was working just fine, however now when I test the connection or want to do discover accounts it shows the below error: 

    Please note that I am using SPP 6.13

    Also, the users can…

  • SPS SSH Issue


    Anyone faced issue with SSH accessing Ubuntu ?

    We have ARP for SSH with User Supplied Credentials and it fails with incorrect password. we thought something related to network but when we bypass Safeguard and plug a laptop on that interface and…

  • SPP and SPS 6.13.1 | Credential store plugin


    I have uploaded to SPS a customized credential store "SPS_safeguard".

    When selecting that Credential store in the SPS RDP connection policy which is shared with SPP.

    it gives the following error.

    Invalid configuration

  • Telnet lunch button

    Hi there

    I added telnet policy in SPS and it's joined to SPP, when i submit a request it doesn't show lunch button only token is available,

    and also after copying token  to Putty i should type username and password manually is there a way to fix…

  • export assets and groups


    Is there a way  to export assets with IP address and descriptions to csv file in SPP ?

    also is there a way to export entitlements names to csv or txt ?


  • Ansible "secrets" to run Playbook can be obtain from SPP or any way to protect the secrets for Ansible

    Hi Everyone, 

    The question is: Is any way to have the credentials (secrets) that Playbook Ansible needs to execute actions in the servers, from Safeguard instead of Ansible Vault?

  • Account Discovery error

    Dear All,

    I'm trying to run account discovery to a new added unix machine and got below error:

    Wednesday, July 6, 2022 3:01:56 PM Debug RECV buf(("Last login: Wed Jul  6 15:00:48 2022 from
    Oracle Corporation      SunOS 5.10      Generic…
  • File sharing using SSH session

    Dears ,, 

    our users logging to SPP and play their session to do their daily operation job, however some user ask for password to log in to their server for file sharing purposes. 

    So can the user using SPP to play a session for file sharing? So instead…

  • Establishing a session from web client

    Dears ,, 

    I have an entitlement with SSH policy for user to establish their session from SPP Desktop client, however when they access the Safeguard from web client there is no Play button icon, instead there is an option which is “Download Putty” but…

  • Discover accounts for multiple assets

    Dears ,, 

    is there a way to perform Account Discovery to multiple assets one time without creating Account Discovery job, because I have multiple assets in different profile and a user got created in all of them and I want to manage the account. So instead…

  • CVE-2022-21849: IKEv2 Remote Code Execution - does it affect SPP?

    Under https://msrc.microsoft.com/update-guide/vulnerability/CVE-2022-21849 you can read about an IKEv2 subsystem RCE with the CVSS3.1 score of base: 9.8; temporal: 8.5. Does this vulnerability affect the SPP in any way?

  • CVE-2022-21907: HTTP Protocol Stack Remote Code Execution Vulnerability - does it affect SPP?

    Under https://msrc.microsoft.com/update-guide/vulnerability/CVE-2022-21907 you can read about a HTTP protocol stack RCE with the CVSS3.1 score of base: 9.8; temporal: 8.5. Does this vulnerability affect the SPP in any way?

  • Network Bandwidth requirement for SPP and SPS 6.11

    Hi there,

    Considering the following deployment scenario, I need some advice on the required network bandwidth of the VPN gateways for the SPP and SPS to function smoothly (<20 sec for every request) with RDP/SSH connections, video recordings, passwords…

  • Syslog integration SPP & SPS 6.11

    Hi There,

    We have configured a Syslog Server (Linux) in SPP and SPS. The Syslog server feeds the Azure SentiNel SIEM solution.

    In SPP, I am using External Integration -> Syslog

    In SPS, I am using Universal SIEM Forwarder.

    Connections work fine (verified…

  • RDP Connection cannot proceed because authentication is not enabled in remote computer

    Hello Everyone,

    We have deployed SPP & SPS 6.11 in our dev environment. We have enabled for only SPP initiated sessions. The RDP Setting in SPS is to use TLS 1.2 (the default recommended one under safeguard_default). We didn't change any other default…

  • Failed support bundle generation

    Dears ,, 

    I have an issue generating a support bundle for our SPP (6.8). I have generated one week ago a support bundle and after one hour it showed me a time out error, and since then whenever I try to generate a support bundle it shows the below error…

  • When is the next LTS releasing with 6.10 features ?

    I would like to see some advance features in LTS release

    - Browser interface only

    - Federation for SPS

  • Failed to Update DNS Server Detail in SPP 6.0.11

    Hello There,

    I am updating my DNS server setting with boot strap admin login. Strangely I can only do that in Web Client. The 6.0.11 desktop client doesn't provide me an edit option for DNS Server. It only allows me to update DNS suffixes.

    I tried…

  • Add an Active Directory Asset - in 6.0.10 SPP

    Hello Safeguard Experts,

    I am adding an Active Directory (Product) Asset, and I have a very basic question. My client's Active Directory domain is not discoverable by the domain name. And I don't see a field where I can enter an IP address.


  • How to configure a single IP access in a HA & Cluster architecture (3 SPP and 3 SPS)

    Hi to all,

    I need to know if it's possible to configure single IP access in a 3 SPP (Ha & Cluster) + 3 SPS (HA & Cluster) architecture.

    Actually, users can access the Safeguard SPP by IP (one LAN located in a remote DC) and by…