Account discovery through Active Directory

Hi all,

i'm trying to discover accounts from Active Directory but i'm having troubles.

When i create a job discovery and select the Directory discovery type i can find all the account that i want to use to connect to the various Assets.

The problem is that when i do so, i can't associate the right assets to the discovery job, but only my AD asset. The result is that i can't use those accounts discovered in the assets i want.

I also tried to make a Windows discovery type. This time i can associate the right assets to the discovery job but i can't search for my accounts on the AD, so there are non accounts available for discovery.

My question is: is there a way to discover accounts from the Active Directory (the accounts can only be found in the domain, not localy on the machines) and using those discovered accounts on the various assets i have discovered with a discovery asset job? 

Thank you