• Access Denied Message after Using SSH to connect to the Server through Safeguard

    Hi Professionals...

    I have a strange problem when our users try to connect to some servers through Safeguard.

    users can not access to some servers via SSH Connection. They can enter username and password but can not login due to Access denied message…

  • SSH : User authentication failure on server


    We encounter this message when trying to connect by ssh to a cisco router/switch.

    (svc/vDAomVnG2MmMHbRhqh5Gy4/ssh:10/ssh): User authentication failure on server; username='myuser', gateway_user=''

    Thanks for your assistance.

  • Safeguard SPP : Fail To check SSH Key.


    Could you help me please understand what happen when i try to check SSH key in Safeguard SPP as i always get an error message saying this :

    "SSH Server on asset Oracle Linux is configured to run the authorized key command none as account 0…

  • Private Key ssh connection error

    • A new user has been generated and the ssh keys have been created for that user with the ssh-keygen tool.
    • I have created an asset of a Linux Ubuntu machine.
    • When I put the previously created user and import the private key as authentication method I get…
  • Configuring SSH Settings for One Identity Safeguard for Privileged Sessions (SPS)

    The following sections describe configuration settings available only for the SSH protocol. Use the following policies to control who, when, and how can access the SSH connection.

    • Hostkeys and host certificates: One Identity Safeguard for Privileged…