Launch Windows Command or PS from ARS Web Site

Is there a way to create a command from the ARS website that would have a remote computer run GPUPDATE /FORCE ??

I am picturing finding the Computer in ARS Web Site, putting in a check mark then having the command available. Out of the box you can choose manage which lets you restart services, create shares etc... Even if it kicked off a workflow that had the remote computer do a GPUPDATE /FORCE would work.

  • This is certainly doable on the Active Roles side by:

    Adding a new menu command to the computer class in the Web UI to launch a workflow


    Creating an Automation workflow launchable from the Web UI

    ....on the backend you would implement a Posh script that itself would execute the powershell to force the gpudate.  

    Ideally, from a Msft technology perspective, your workflow activated PoSh would leverage this.

    The less attractive alternative would be to use a workflow (change or automation) to have Active Roles remotely launch the update via PoSh on the target machines but this is full of headaches because it has some security implications that your security folks might not be happy with.

  • You could most likely approach something like this by creating a new "Set Attribute Task" command on Computer objects in the web interface. An example could be that this command sets a Virtual Attribute to True which can then trigger a change Workflow to execute a GPUpdate script against the remote computer.