• Launch Windows Command or PS from ARS Web Site

    Is there a way to create a command from the ARS website that would have a remote computer run GPUPDATE /FORCE ??

    I am picturing finding the Computer in ARS Web Site, putting in a check mark then having the command available. Out of the box you can choose…

  • Web Interface Customization

    Hello Team Active Roles ;)

    I'm looking for special customization of Web Interace.

    Do you know how to display the command Azure Configuration under Directory Management\Azure (which contains Azure Health Check, Azure Licences Report, ...) only for…
  • Link a script with a command

    Hey everybody,

    i am looking forward for a option to link a command from the web page directly with a script in ARS. Is this possible?

    For example we have users which are locked out, so we are searching with quick search for the user, choose the right user…