• 'Connect-ExchangeOnline' cmdlet from the ARS MMC script module


    I've installed the ExchangeOnline powershell package. Through powershell command prompt ExchangeOnline is connecting. When I tried same cmdlet from ARS MMC script module then its not connecting. Here below is the cmdlet I've used.


  • Uncheck and Disable 'Creation of Mailbox' option in Contact creation wizard


    I'm have tried below script in policy to uncheck and disable 'Create a mailbox' option in the contact creation wizard but its not reflecting on the screen.

    function onGetEffectivePolicy($Request)
    if($Request.Class -ne "contact"){return…

  • "Connect failed: path" error message encountered when opening the Active Roles Configuration Center on 7.4

    Hi Guys, Need help. I cannot connect to Active Roles Configuration Center on 7.4. Showing me "Connect failed: path" error message.

    Please advice how to troubleshoot this. I tried this solution from this link (https://support.oneidentity.com/kb…

  • Cross domain members don't inherit group delegated rights


    I have two ARS managed domains which are in the same forest. Let's pretend domain1 and domain2.

    I also have two groups, domain1\read-domain1 and domain2\read-domain2 which have the rights "All Objects - Read All Properties" respectiv…

  • How to create user validation on a web form.

    I have a form where I want to fill out a requester field which is a custom attribute that field will be the SamAccountName of a user would like a way to do a user picker or something.  maybe like a java lookup tool.

  • Prompt for value during user deprovision


    While deprovisioning user object I would like to prompt to enter custom virtual attribute value.

    Can anyone please let me know how can it will achieved, do I've to do any level customization Active Roles Console for prompting or any policy helps…

  • Stop user creation in OnPreCreate event with PS script


    I'm having a requirement to stop creating the user in OnPreCreate of powershell script.

    If my condition is not satisfied then I have to stop the default user creation.

    Thanks in Advance,

  • Error executing O365 Script "MSOnline"

    Hello community,

    i can not run exchange online cmdlets in the script environment of Active Roltes 7.4.3 

    I use the following code snippet:


    $res = $context.O365ExecuteScriptCmd("get-mailbox test@test…

  • How to enable change history rights on the web site

    what are the rights to enable or settings to give access to change history.  I have a helpdesk site but as admin I can access change history on objects i would like helpdesk staff to be able to see that.

  • Azure AD Questions

    Hi all,

    I am new to One Identity products and possibly looking at purchasing Active Roles to automate new user requests from Service Now but I have a few questions that i hope you can help me with:


    We currently create users on our on premise…

  • web interface tree menu edit.

    I am running 7.4 and would like to remove a few links from the menu/Views.   I was able to see a forum post on Tree but Not Views.   Another idea was to get rid of this whole section or collapse and not be able to expand.

    Example all i would like is.

    • Active…
  • How to grant SELF to access template with new-qarsaccesstemplatelink

    I am looking for the syntax or if it's even possible to use the NEW-QARSAccessTemplateLink powershell to apply with a trustee of "nt authority\self".  I need to apply some permissions in AD and we prefer to do it all with ARS and sync them…

  • ARWebAdmin and ARS Console shows different information for groups

    Hello my Active Roles Server it is running version 7.4.3 with hotfix 330592 installed.

    Here the issue, logged in Active Roles Server from ARS Console when I select one group it is configured as Global Security Group, but surprise when I access the ARWebAdmin…

  • Set Active Roles (ARS) Scheduled (PowerShell) Script Modules to Execute in PWSH.exe (v6+) vs POWERSHELL.exe

    How can I explicitly instruct ARS to execute scripts in PowerShell v7

  • Procedure In-Place Upgrade AR from version 7.4 to 7.4.3


    When in-place upgrade procedure is performed then ActiveRoles creates a new database each time ?

    When I change current database I get the error - 

    [InsertArServiceRecord] :Error Generated. Details: System.Data.SqlClient.SqlException (0x80131904): Violation…

  • Get Current Domain Controller in ARS script


    I need to write a script which provisions a new user account in another application as part of provisioning a new user in ARS.  The application has PowerShell CMDLETS for doing this.  The application is located in another AD site and frequently the…

  • Specify a friendly name for ARS Service Connection Point

    Is there a way to specify a friendly name for the service connection point that ARS Administration service creates in AD?  We name our servers in a complex way (like aaa-bbb-ccc-###) and it would be nice if I could specify a name like (ars01 or ADManagement01…

  • New-QADComputer userAccountControl Active Roles

    I noticed that with Active Roles 7.4.3.and 7.4.1 that the New-QADComputer commandlet is ignoring userAccountControl values.  It will only set 4128 PASSWD_NOTREQD

    We have a ARS policy that will enforce 4096, and the MMC and WebUI appear to set it, but in…

  • Active Role Synchronization for GAL entries


    I'm hoping someone can provide any information or experience on syncing a GAL between two Exchange environments.

    Right now I am just creating a contact in the target domain using a user account info from the source and giving the contact the…

  • SAML Error Unable to uniquely identify the user using provided claims Federation Authentication with Azure AD (327057)

    We continue to see the error described here support.oneidentity.com/.../error-unable-to-uniquely-identify-the-user-using-provided-claims-federation-authentication-with-azure-ad

    Our on-prem UPN and AzureAD UPN are different, so we are using the feature…

  • Active Roles Web UI boolean value default to true

    Is there a way in the ARS web ui to set a virtual attribute boolean value to a default?  I have a boolean VA on a web form that isn't populated.  Not all users are created by the sync service, so I need this attribute to default to true, regardless…

  • Sync virtual attribute values in side by side setup (6.9 -> 7.4)


    we are running ARS 6.9 in our production environment and are heavily using virtual attributes. I've set up ARS 7.4 side by side a while ago to familiarize with the new version, imported the 6.9 configuration and MH and already configured some workflows…

  • Access denied managing two domains on single ARS server

    I have ARS configured on one of our domain (abc.com), we had a request to setup ARS for an another domain. We want to have both the domain setup on the same ARS Server & both the domain appear & manage under the same ARS website.

    I've added the…

  • if we made changes in spmlschema.config file is restart needed


    We added virtual attribute in spmlschema.config. is Active Roles restart is need?



  • Need help to get special information from user as powershell script

    Hello Community. 

    Following problem i have.

    We useing Blackberry Server as MDM.

    I need a script that get the Username which have activated Blackberry UEM Android for Wor, Blackberry Work Dynamics and Blackberry allowExport Contacts.

    Those information…