• Web Interface crashes when enumerating large groups

    We are in the process of upgrading from ARS 6.9 to 7.3.3. We both versions running in parallel and are planning a cutover soon. However, on ARS 7.3.3, the web interface hangs and eventually crashes while attempting to enumerate large groups. For example…

  • Active Roles Web UI boolean value default to true

    Is there a way in the ARS web ui to set a virtual attribute boolean value to a default?  I have a boolean VA on a web form that isn't populated.  Not all users are created by the sync service, so I need this attribute to default to true, regardless…

  • Set visibility of an entry in a form through PowerShell script

    Hi everyone,

    We have built a custom form in which fields are populated through a PowerShell script, ARS runs this script as you are opening the form.
    It is used to provide a view of bought Office 365 licenses by each of our subsidiaries local IT teams…

  • Restricting Commands with Access Rules/Access Templates?


    So I was looking for some feedback/suggestions on how to implement the following scenario: I have a command on the web interface that is associated with groups, however, I only ever want this command to show if the user is NOT a member of said…

  • byRef objCommandContext Documentation?

    So, is there any documentation on what methods I can call on the byRef object used in the "isCommandAvailable.vbs" file? The only example I seem to find in the SDK is the   objCommandContext.DirectoryObject.Get("propertyName"), but I am interested…

  • Web Interface Command Filter on Group Member

    So I am trying to see if it is possible to only show a custom group command to a user only if that user is NOT a member. I am aware of the AVFilter in the <IsCommandAllowedFilter> tag, but that seems like it only takes hard-coded strings, in which my…

  • Approval Pop Up

    Is there a way to edit the approval pop up window in the web interface? I don't really like the verbiage since it doesn't fit our use case. Or, better yet, is there a way to remove it entirely?

  • Active Roles Server Web Interface Needed File Extensions

    Hello All,

    I am using the Active Roles Server 7.3 in my environment and I was curious in which file extensions I would need IIS to allow in order to run the web interface? 

    (I am essentially trying to lock down security for IIS and I only want to allow…

  • Security risk in Selfservice portal?

    We have a normal user with only domain user access rights. These users can manage their own AD groups, e.g. they are primary managers of an AD group.

    While logged in via the selfservice portal as a normal user, we click on the "Groups I manage" within…

  • Deprovision User - Unresponsive Popup on Web Interface


    So this question is related to this forum post:


    Where when our users are trying to deprovision another user on the web interface, the "Deprovisioning user xxxxx…

  • DirSync Servers Guidance?


    Looking for some guidance in what to set our DirSync servers in Active Roles Server 7.3. Our company has 3 servers located in one location, with web sites each on those same servers, but the bulk of our users live across the country. We are…

  • Admin permissions for Web Interface (ARS 6.9)


    We don't know how, but we lost admin permissions when accessing Active Roles Web Interface, thus for example we can't edit web forms.

    We are member of the local administrators group on the active roles server, and also domain admininstrators…

  • Policies for Custom Form on the Web Interface


    So I have been "handed" a website that uses the Active Roles Server software and I was curious on if anybody could shed some light on how policies are incorporated within a custom web form. Our company has created a form that allows admins…

  • Web Interface Customization

    Hello Team Active Roles ;)

    I'm looking for special customization of Web Interace.

    Do you know how to display the command Azure Configuration under Directory Management\Azure (which contains Azure Health Check, Azure Licences Report, ...) only for…
  • Active Roles Server Web Interface Slow Sleeps

    Greetings All,

    I have a general question regarding the speed of web pages on on the ARS Web Interface. We had just migrated from 6.8 to 7.3 ARS where we noticed a significant decrease in speed on the 7.3 version that was not there on the 6.8. The workflows…

  • Create Workflow with input form for collecting input data

    Hello All,

    I am relatively new to AR, and I have to create a worklow for new users. If the User is created, a multi admin workflow should start. Initialision of the workflow is clear for me. Now the challenge, where I did not know how to achieve this…

  • Does anyone have a slick way to duplicate ADUC aes128/256 checkboxes?

    I've done my share of web customizations to feed the hungry monster help desk … reducing the number of clicks required to assist customers.

    This one - I don't have a warm fuzzy about.   Unless there is some hidden control I'm unaware of.…

  • Setting Virtual Attribute on the fly when user Properties are opened

    Hey Everyone,

    First post and still quite a newb with Active Roles so don't mind the brief ignorance you may see :)

    Basically my end goal is to make a Tab in the web interface User Object properties window only visible when a virtual attribute is…

  • Active Roles Customize Error message in Web Interface

    Hello all,

    I have a script running some checks as part of the PreModify function and throwing and exception if an ID is not unique forest wide, this is working nicely but I was wondering if it is possible to customize what is shown on screen.

    What I mean…

  • ARS WI site creation failed: The specified path already exists.


    I just upgraded my environment to 7.1 in Dev.

    I'm trying to configure a custom web interface on a server that had 6.9 installed.

    I'm importing the custom interface from an export. It seems to work fine from a new servers.

    Although when…

  • ARS 7.1.2 issue with web interface custom search commands


    I'm upgrading to 7.1.2 and need to recreate 2 web interfaces I had created in 6.9 (or older), but I'm not getting the same results as in 6.9.

    Both WIs are just supposed to show a list of users or groups the user is managing. So on each I'…

  • Adding contacts to a distribution list

    Using ARS 7 through the web interface, users are unable to search for contacts when adding objects to a distribution list. Users can find the contact in the global search, click the contact's "member of" and add the group that way but when adding a contact…

  • ARS 7 CSS Issues

    We've had this problem ever since we've installed ARS 7, we're about to push this out into production but this issue arises every so often. The dynamic CSS of the web interface makes some of the div's on the page huge, like 10000px wide and you get a…