Join us for the One Identity EMEA Partner Forum

In this current era, we all become reliant on our technology.   We can meet over the internet via phone or web conferences – putting video conferencing in all our hands.  It has its benefits saving us valuable time and money – but it is missing the personal touch.   Our opportunity to meet and greet each other has diminished and yet is still a valuable aspect of our overall business relationship.   With that in mind we have created our first ever ONE IDENTITY PARTNER FORUM in EMEA where our partners and wider team will meet face-to-face on 15-16 Nov 2016.

We are holding our event at Savill Court close to historic Windsor – where the famous castle - home of our Royal family and Queen Elizabeth - is located and also on the doorstep of Runnymede – a site made famous by the signing of the Magna Carta by King John of England on 15 June 1215. It’s full name - Magna Carta Libertatum (Medieval Latin for "the Great Charter of the Liberties") – it went through some challenging times but eventually in 1297 formed the basis of England’s Statute law.

Establishing something new is often challenging – but perseverance is critical – and the outcomes can be game changing. Our newly established business, One Identity has been growing and evolving over the past several years – along the way combining businesses from multiple owners and combining cultures and technologies to establish a robust and market-leading IAM solution portfolio.  As this business took on different ownership, a number of things stood out - the people that had the vision to define the solutions, the commitment of the development teams to create the solutions, the professionalism of the pre-sales; post-sales; and delivery services to make them work for our customers and our partnerships.

As we move forward as One Identity, and security is paramount in the market, these key meaningful differentiators are very evident – the business we have created relies on the people who work for our company; the technology we have created and the market opportunity.   All these have intensified with the market opportunity driven by change in areas such as Cloud; Digital Transformation, Internet of Things (IoT); Mobility – and of course Compliance.

In all this change and associated growth – our business remains committed to develop; deliver and support our identity and access management solutions and our commitment to do that alongside our partners continues to grow.  Now is the time for partners to recommit to their relationship with us as we continue to innovate and drive opportunities for new business and wider customer relationships.

Our business partners; whether resellers; strategic advisors; service providers or global system integrators are all so important to us and it is our goal to ensure that we continue to build solid and meaningful relationships.   Ultimately these all serve our customers with the key goal of achieving customer success and satisfaction!

With the investment we are making in the relationships with our partners and the formation of our first partner forum at Savill Court; a Georgian mansion located in beautiful grounds – we have created a mix of networking; education and celebration.  Sharing our successes and ideas for the future and mostly importantly connecting our teams together for wider collaboration in the future – a firm foundation for ONE IDENTITY PARTNER CONNECT.


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