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IAM’s role in digital transformation

Secure your cloud-enabled digital transformation

Along with its huge upside and inherent value, digital transformation brings a unique set of risks and security challenges. Enable your IAM solution to be a catalyst for your strategy rather than an obstruction. When done right, digital business can help organizations become more agile, more connected, more informed and more secure, as well as lower the cost of security and compliance.

Learn how your organization can move at the speed demanded by the digitally transformed enterprise while continuing to reach your consumers, customers and citizens.


Digital transformation with One Identity solutions ensures that even as business accelerates, risk is mitigated and security remains at the forefront.

Our portfolio of IAM solutions is built to:

  • Deliver the security and agility that organizations need to move at the speed demanded by the digitally transformed enterprise
  • Empower line-of-business leaders to own the management of their users and access profiles
  • Provide visibility of your environment to help you make informed and accurate business decisions

Securing Shadow IT

With our IAM solutions, shadow IT comes into the light and empowers IT security teams to become the Department of Yes. One Identity solutions give you the centralized control point and the scope to embrace new applications, processes, access scenarios and transformative initiatives without sacrificing security or control.

Moving at the Speed of Digital Transformation

One Identity solutions give your organization the agility to successfully move at the speed demanded by a digitally transformed enterprise. Because our solutions are standards-based, business-centric, modular and integrated, and support a governance-first approach to IAM, they enable IT security to become a true enabler of business transformation.

Build your own Department of Yes

Give your users the access they need and want and empower line-of-business leaders while enhancing security but this time introduce never-before-available levels of agility and control. With One Identity solutions, the IT security team becomes the “Department of YES”.

Embrace digital transformation within your current environment

Unify your approach so that your entire IAM investment is secured, administered and governed with equal rigor and business-enabling agility. One Identity solutions enable the same policy, access-controls, governance and security factors that empower a digital transformation to also apply to your existing investment.

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