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Get IAM Right in Retail

Change security from a barrier into a competitive advantage

With constant employee turnover, seasonal workers, regional regulations and a rapidly changing marketplace, risks to your retail business never stop evolving. With One Identity IAM solutions, you can set a security baseline that addresses today’s needs while quickly responding to whatever comes next, all while also improving service.

Safeguard customer confidence, brand reputation and your revenue by providing the right access to the right people. See how One Identity helps you get IAM right to protect customer and corporate data, and ensure that users can easily and securely access the systems and information they need.

Global manufacturer, Franke, enhances provisioning practices for more secure systems.


With One Identity solutions, you can increase employee productivity, protect against threats and – most importantly – ensure a great customer experience.

Improve employee lifecycle management

Automate processes to request, approve and administer access, regardless of your retail model – storefront, warehouse, online or hybrid – or at which stage of the lifecycle an employee resides.

Meet compliance

Ensure that all employee and customer access is appropriate and that you can prove it.

Move beyond administration to governance

Ensure that security policies and permissions are appropriately applied, enforced and audited to achieve true business-driven governance.

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