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Get IAM Right in Healthcare

Reduce risk, satisfy regulations and deliver better patient care

Stolen health records are highly lucrative and have a longer shelf-life than financial data, which is a major force driving the increase in healthcare breaches. Yet, heavy-handed security measures puts lives at risk.

With One Identity solutions, you can get IAM right, which means enhancing security while maintaining a superior level of healthcare service. Ensure fast, appropriate and secure access to patient data. Plus, you can meet regulatory demands and demonstrate compliance.

Sykehuspartner: Healthcare IT firm automates provisioning tasks


When security doesn’t get in the way, you can support quick and painless access, reduce liability and deliver superior patient care.

Healthcare providers

Ensure all types of users have precisely the access they need – nothing more and nothing less – and deliver optimal healthcare services.


Simplify compliance by streamlining processes, removing areas of risky access, and facilitating rapid and accurate reporting. By ensuring more accurate, automated account management and electronic health record integration, you can mitigate risks and avoid policy violations.


Insurers’ data security challenges continue to increase due to the amount and sensitivity of information stored. One Identity solutions help you get IAM right to enhance access management to health data while reducing security hassles and compliance risk.

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