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Get IAM Right in Financial Services

Reduce risk and accelerate compliance

Ensure only the right access to sensitive systems and data, better manage risks, and comply with the strict security and regulatory mandates that govern the financial marketplace. One Identity solutions enable you to quickly and thoroughly provision and de-provision accounts, better control who has access to which resources - including privileged access - and easily provide the detailed governance information that auditors demand so you remain compliant. 

Reduce concerns about:

  • Complex and ever-changing IT environments
  • Data breaches and theft
  • Potential weaknesses and unforeseen risks
  • Fluid regulatory requirements
  • Rapid and secure user access in the age of digital transformation

BHF-Bank earns a 40-percent return on their new access management approvals process


With One Identity solutions, you can ensure data security and prove compliance while delivering efficient, flexible and reliable access to your users.


Threats to your organization constantly evolve - but banking security still comes down to protecting client data. One Identity solutions help you get IAM right, by addressing security concerns so you can spend more time and energy on elevating your customers’ experience.

Investment services

Given the critical nature of client assets and portfolios under your firm’s management, you need to ensure sensitive information is secure and that systems and users are protected.


The most essential function of insurance is managing risk. An insurer’s ability to protect client data and predict and mitigate against threats has a significant impact on your success. See how your security investment can be a catalyst rather than an obstruction.

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