Identity Governance and Administration Podcast, Get Expert Training on the Go

With your ever-growing to-do list, setting aside hours to watch webinars and read white papers on identity governance and administration (IGA) is nearly impossible. And because One Identity by Quest® is all about saving you time and simplifying your work, we’re making tech training more convenient, too.

Introducing our Identity Governance and Administration podcast

Now you can hear one-on-one chats with industry experts, roundtable conversations and even audiobook-style readings of exciting new research on identity and governance administration – all from your headphones, without taking time from your busy schedule.

Reach your goals – without hitting pause

Got a long drive ahead of you? Boost your expertise on implementing IAM on SAP. Trapped at home with kid chaos, nagging and noise intolerance? Pop those earbuds in and binge episodes on identity and governance administration. If you’ve got tasks on autopilot, thanks to One Identity, grow your IGA knowledge while you work. With this new podcast, you’ll learn strategies to work smarter, not harder, and become the MVP of your team.

Here’s a sneak peek at what you’ll learn in the podcast series, “Identity, Access, Governance… Go”

This six-episode series is packed with invaluable insights on identity governance and administration. Check out the key topics we’ll cover.

Episode 1: SAP

We’re breaking down SAP and the entire IT infrastructure around your business. You’ll learn how to easily implement identity and access management on SAP and other platforms as well.

Episode 2: Service Now and Identity and Governance Administration

Hear a reading of Bruce Esposito’s research paper on how connecting your identity and governance administration solution with ITSM leads to synergy across your company identity assets.

Episode 3: IAM Now and in the Future

Listen to Bruce Esposito’s chat about IAM programs, their integration with SAP, access governance, how 2020 has affected cloud and how it may change in 2021 and beyond.

Episode 4: Privilege Account Governance

Data breaches are all over the news. Hear ways to implement comprehensive privilege access protocols, so you can identify and protect against these attacks.

Episode 5: Proving Applications Are Under Governance

Hear highlights from recent One Identity webinars on application governance. You’ll learn how our partners are integrating One Identity Manager into their systems to achieve compliance.

Episode 6: Deep Dive into Identity Governance and Administration

One Identity Senior Technical Strategist Robert Kraczek discusses the top three challenges to implementing a successful identity and governance administration program. He also talks about perceptions and how the global pandemic affected IGA activity in 2020 and the outlook for 2021 and beyond.  

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