Revolutionizing continuous governance

In an era where data security and access management are crucial, organizations are constantly on the lookout for modern ways to enhance their governance strategies. What if you could not only manage user identities and access rights but also extend this governance to protect privileged access, applications, cloud infrastructure and data? What if there was a comprehensive identity governance framework that could integrate and manage all your systems seamlessly? This vision of a unified and efficient identity governance strategy is a reality with One Identity Manager.

KuppingerCole’s endorsement of One Identity Manager

The Access Governance (AG) market is transforming with the emergence of more intelligent solutions. One Identity has been at the forefront of this evolution, and its latest recognition as a leader in KuppingerCole's Leadership Compass is a testament to its commitment to continuous governance.

KuppingerCole's Leadership Compass provides valuable insights into the Identity Governance and Administration (IGA) market, serving as a compass to help organizations find products that meet the criteria for successful IGA deployments. One Identity Manager stands out with several strengths, including:

  • Strong OOB target connector support for on-premises and SaaS systems
  • Strong support for analytics and supported via machine learning
  • Good features for workflow automations
  • Very good features for access review and certifications
  • Good features for management of access request
  • Advanced policy management

 Now, let’s look at how Identity Manager stands out with continuous governance

One Identity Manager goes beyond conventional identity governance. It provides organizations with the tools and strategies to achieve comprehensive governance and compliance across their entire ecosystem, including privileged access, critical data, applications and cloud infrastructure.

The cornerstone of achieving continuous identity governance across the enterprise lies in establishing a strong foundation. By implementing core processes and approval methods consistently across the IT infrastructure, organizations can bring efficiency and compliance to their operations. One Identity Manager is purpose-built to deliver this kind of identity governance framework.

How can continuous governance help you? 

Many organizations initially adopt One Identity Manager for governing user identities and base entitlements. However, they soon discover the platform's versatility and extend its use to protect and ensure compliance across their entire resource landscape. With One Identity Manager, organizations can:

  • Satisfy compliance and audit requirements
  • Deploy an identity-centric Zero Trust model
  • Extend governance to cloud applications
  • Unify policies to reduce risk exposure


The recognition of One Identity Manager's leadership position in KuppingerCole's Leadership Compass is not just a validation of its capabilities – it’s an endorsement of the future of continuous governance. As organizations worldwide strive to enhance their governance and compliance efforts, One Identity Manager is a trusted partner on this journey. Unlock the potential of continuous governance with One Identity Manager and steer your organization towards a more secure future.

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