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What is v8 One Identity Manager Maintenance Mode

Could someone help me understand what Maintenance Mode is? And how to disable this mode? We are showing an alert that states "The One Identity Manager Database is in maintenance mode" on the system tray of Manager\Sync Editor etc.. 

So far I have checked the disk space of the DB (over 25gb), WebDesigner to ensure Status | Maintenance Mode was not enabled and looked at the sync projects. Didn't really find anything out of the ordinary.  


Any recommendations to resolve this issue would be great. Also, is this a new feature in v8? 

  • Have you checked that the dbqueue is running / SQL agent jobs are enabled and the dB is compiled ok? Some things I'd check myself.

  • So when I compiled I did receive similar errors with no details of what failed. A sample of the compiling error is attached below. DBQueue is running.    


  • As the error message implies, the system has detected that some of your triggers in the OneIM database have been disabled. To protect the system from data corruption, the system falls into maintenance mode.

    This protection is new in version 8 as support feedback has indicated, that this error-prone situation should be covered.

    One reason for this to happen is if you are having custom triggers that are disabled. So the advice is to check your triggers or contact support to help you out.