Job Service / Problems Could not decode parameter AuthenticationString


we currently have a problem with the JobService or sync projects, e.g.  the project for Active Directory in One Identity as well as with SAP and CSV Imports in Version 8.0.2. 

Shortly after starting the initial synchronization in the sychronization editor, the job is created in the JobQueue, This job runs on Frozen with the following error message


[821053] Could not decode parameter 'AuthenticationString'.

[809016] The encrypted value cannot be unencrypted. There is no unencryption configured.

   at VI.JobService.ExecutionSlot.Execute(Job job)

   at VI.JobService.ExecutionSlot._DecryptParameters(JobParameters parms)

   ---- Start of Inner Exception ----

   at VI.JobService.ExecutionSlot._DecryptParameters(JobParameters parms)

   at VI.Base.Encryption.NoEncryption.DecryptPartial(String data)


In addition, the pickup of jobs is stopped.  --> Warning: Stopped querying tasks for queue \xxx


What can be the reason for this behavior?  The database is not encrypted, so we are confused of thie error. 


Some information about our environment - we are currently working with version 8.0.2 - we currently have 2 development databases. 

One was developed and one newer, in which all these developments were recorded. In addition, in the newer DB also all the modules we need are present .  

On the JobServer we have created two instances of the service, one per DB, where currently only one service is running - namely the service, which takes care of the newer DB. These are separated into two folders.  

The configuration is balanced and, of course, differs in the connection parameter to the DB and the other specifics of the DB, as well as different path for the log.


Did any of you ever have such a problem?  Which positions should be examined?  

We're thankful for any hint.

Kind reagards, 

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