• AWS ECS Fargate and private.key for jobserver container


    we are planning to run the docker jobserver container on AWS ECS Fargate.

    Providing parameters like CONNSTRING is not a problem.

    However providing the container with a file (private.key) is a bit cumbersome as you need to mount it through EFS.

    Is it…

  • Best practice job queue


    There is somewhere a document about the best practice for job queue ? (number of queue, queue splitted by target, name, config, etc...)

    If not, what are them ?

    Thank you.

  • Service stopped error: VIEW SERVER STATE permission was denied

    Hi all,

    processing today suddenly stopped working.

    IAM version: 8.1.1

    SQL version: Microsoft SQL Server 2016 (SP2-CU16) (KB5000645) - 13.0.5882.1 (X64) 

    The error in job queue is:

    2021-03-17 10:58:08 +03:00 - Serious: Last process step request failed with…

  • One Identity Manager Service not available in the windows services after upgrade to 8.0.5

    Hi everyone, I just updated identity manager from 8.0.2 to 8.0.5. Followed below steps:

    1. DB consistency was 100% ok

    2. all schedules were stopped

    3. DB queue was cleared.

    4. Full back of DB was in place

    5. one Identity Manager service was stopped on…

  • Job servers are not processing any jobs


    Job servers are not processing anything. I checked the logs and there is no error. Tried configuring it twice still did not work and this used to work before. Also, I noticed that there is a warning in Database journal 

    "Processing is disabled (wait…

  • Changing Hostname of a JobServer in the Designer

    I have a scenario where I have two job servers (one active and one is passive state), both are configured with similar machine roles, both are in different data centers.

    Currently I want to failover my primary job server to the passive one by changing…

  • Error occurs when job servers are getting updated


    We are working version 8.0 and we are getting error "An item with same key has already been added" when job servers are getting updated by the process "VID_JobServerUpdateCheck" and the error occurs at the step "GetUpdateFiles". Can you please help…

  • Job Service / Problems Could not decode parameter AuthenticationString


    we currently have a problem with the JobService or sync projects, e.g.  the project for Active Directory in One Identity as well as with SAP and CSV Imports in Version 8.0.2. 

    Shortly after starting the initial synchronization in the sychronization…

  • Getting error in processes when multiple sql processing jobs are getting executed


    I am getting below error when 200-300 sql processing jobs are getting executed in parallel. 

    [810143] Database error 0: Timeout attempting to open the connection. The time period elapsed prior to attempting to open the connection has been exceeded…

  • Is it possible to log or debug outgoing SQL queries in a satabase syncproject?

    Hello community,

    imagine you have a sync-project between IDM and a Microsoft SQL server.

    Is it possible to log or debug the dynamicly genereated queries that are send to the target database?

    For example in a "Insert" provisioning job?


  • Job server is not processing anything


    We have configured job server remotely and updated jobservice.cfg file. And we added the entry of job server in Designer. Service of this job server is running properly but jobs are not getting executed by this job server. We restarted the service…

  • How to check whether job server running or not.

    We have installed One Idm application  in a machine and installed OneIdm service  in that machine and also made it as Job server .But no task is executing . In JobQueueInfo i checked the "Job server state" ,when i check double click the Job server…

  • JobServer strange process step

     Hi everyone,

    Lately while checking the logs of my job server I've noticed this strange process step that keeps appearing :


    Does anyone knows what this means?

    FYI, this process step appears hundreds of times, as if it was in an infinite loop.


  • Move process to between queue


    After a DRP where we have switching the queue from server A to server B in database, we are facing a issue.

    We have some process blocked in statut "LOADED" because they are still set on server A instead of server B.

    It is possible to…