Provision AD and Exchange from One Identity if DNS cannot resolve the domain

Hello everyone, we recently upgraded our exchange from 2010 to 2016 in Production (Currently one IDM is connected to exchange 2010 and we have both exchange 2010 and 2016 in our production. However, soon they will decommission the 2010 version). I need to configure new project with exchange 2016 connector in Dev to test before I make changes in Production (as existing project was built using exchange 2010 connector and as per support, I cannot just change the connector instead I have to configure a new Exchange project with exchange 2016 connector).


We don’t have a preprod AD/Exchange environment in the production domain. We have a lab setup, a separate domain and exchange ( which is not resolved by our production DNS server ( Therefore, I cannot connect to lab AD/exchange directly from my job server which are in production domain (IPs has to be resolved by DNS – one Identity PreReq).

Possible solutions:

  1. One way I can put my efforts into is to get one Server e.g. DevJobSrv. child. xyz. loan which is joined to lab domain and install job server there and use remote connection from my dev to that server.
  2. Another possible way could be to push IT to add DNS entry to resolve to lab domain controller (<domain controller>)

I need input from community for above two possible solutions or any other approach which could tackle my problem. Appreciate your valuable inputs in this regard.

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