SAP User object ignored during synchronization because object has M:N provisioning tasks

Dear fellow experts,

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I've configured a SAP CUA synchronization project which is configured to be in read-only (both in the intial Base Administration template configuration and target system configuration) so the data is only flowing into OneIM DB and nothing is provisioned back to the Target System (SAP). We don't intend to write anything back into SAP systems.

We've on-boarded around 14 SAP childsystems using the childsystem template and the CUA synchronization project synchronizes all the relevant user, group, roles and profiles.

However, I've noticed it is not inserting many UserLicense and UserMandant and upon futher investigation the simulation report it says "The object (XXX) of type (SAPUser) was ignored during synchronization. Reason: The object has pending M:N provisioning tasks"

Also I can see around 8330 entries in the DPRMemberShipAction table removing users from groups.

Just want to understand why those provisioning tasks got generated even though we are in read-only mode and how can I clear those tasks properly so that my synchronization collects/import all user mappings from CUA correctly. These tasks also don't show up in the jobqueue.

I did refer to the SAPR3 Administration guide, but could not find anything that would help me.

Appreciate if anyone can provide some pointers.

Version: 8.1 SP1