• Connecting to Native Databases (SAP HANA) through Database Systems Integration Module

    I am currently facing the problem of connecting a SAP HANA database. According to my research, there is the possibility to connect a database via DSI. In the documentation I see the following use cases that are covered:

    Read all user accounts and their…

  • Getting "Enter an initial password" while disabling SAP initial password


    I am trying to deactivate the initial password for SAP User. I'm using 8.2 version of OneIM. 

    While trying to set vrtIncativePwd as 'True' the value is not getting selected from the dropdown (In synchronization editor) , and while I am trying…

  • Outstandings SAPRoles memberships are being show like the rest in the SAPUser file, in the Manager

    Hello group,

    We have de following situation. One SAPUser have assigned two SAPRoles, one of them is a collective role so at the end the SAPUser has 76 roles assigned.

    It seems that before it had assigned other collective roles, but after a Synchronization…

  • SAP Role removals - XisInEffect False

    Hi forum!

    I’m using One Identity Manager 9.1. At the end of the first synchronization of an SAP Environment, I can see that some SAPUSerINSAProle_Delete processes are triggered.
    For this SAP Connector I used a custom template I saved from a previous…

  • SAP Description Lenguage For SAP Roles


    I'm using One Identity Manager 9.1 and SAP Connector.

    We are connecting the SAP Systems using EN as Login Lanaguage and all descriptions (both RoleDescription and Description fields of SAP Role table) are synchronized in English.

    In SAP, Role…

  • SAP Connection with SNC Username and Password


    We are using one idenitty Manager 9.1 and we are having an issue with connecting SAP in SNC Connection. We can connect to the SAP System without SNC without problems. 

    We are using the SAPCrypto.dll library as SNC Client API. 

    We have doubts about how…

  • Synchronization Editor - Object scope for SAPUser having UserType =Dialog (BAPILOGOND_USTYP)


    we have requirement to synchronize only "Dailog" SAPUser from target system. As not system  filter is supported, we need to add an object filter. Even with 2500 SAPUser, Synchronization Editor can't load the data from target system with…

  • How to offboard SAP system or client

    Hello everyone,

    an SAP system is about to be decommissioned in my environment and I was asked to offboard the system and clients from One Identity.

    I wasn't able to find a guide on which objects need to be deleted in which order to achieve this goal.…

  • SAP module licensing question

    Hi All,

    We are trying to find out how many licenses are required for the SAP module in our new project, but since we’re not familiar with it, we’re struggling. Additionally our customer representative is also not so familiar with it and all he could…

  • Where to find SAP DLLs? sapnco.dll , sapnco_utils.dll , etc

    Hi all,

    The documentation for connection to a SAP environment mentions that 6 DLL files have to be in the GAC or in some directory.


  • SAP Connector - getting error message "OPTION_NOT_VALID"


    when trying to establish SAP connection, I am getting error OPTION_NOT_VALID. Seems like the upgrade from 

    SAP_BASIS 740 SP 0023 to SAP BASIS 740 SP 0026 is causing this issue.

    Thank you,


  • Password reset with SAP R/3 Connector


    is there any way (out of the box) to reset a password with Identity Manager in connected SAP R/3 system without custom coding?

    Thank you,


  • SAP SNC connection from outside the customer environment

    Hello all,

    we are trying to connect a SAP R/4 system via SNC to a oneIM 8.14. Unfortunately, the OnIM is located completely separately outside the customer environment. The connection without SNC works!

    SAPcryptolib is located in "c:\sapcryptolib".…

  • Error on installing BAPI transport for SAP connector


    I asked to SAP ECC admins to setup BAPI transport component as described in documentation https://support.oneidentity.com/fr-fr/technical-documents/identity-manager/8.1.4/administration-guide-for-connecting-to-sap-r3/2#TOPIC-1532745


  • Docker job server SAPR3

    Hello, can docker job service sync with SAP r3 system?

    Server role and function(SAP) are added in designer and docker job server restarted

    Now its an error :

    Error connecting system (SAP R/3 Connector)!
    [System.TypeLoadException] Could not load type of…

  • Synchronization with SAP R/3

    Hi everyone,

    we are trying to synchronize one identity with SAP but after to configure the connector at the end when the synchronization has to start we have this error : "SAP client 100 Must have SAP profile objects synchronized before you set up SAP…

  • SAP lock unlock account Uflag 64

    I am having a problem in performing a lock / unlock of a SAP account to which an account definition is assigned, in particular if I try to insert a code uflag 64 (Administrative lock) or 0 (unlock). This also happens with the tool Manager, by…
  • How to provision SAPUser CUA Profile Assignments (SAPUserInCUAProfile)

    Hi all,

    for some reason (due to filter changes) the SAP CUA sync went a bit crazy in our sandbox environment and deleted role and profile assignments. While I could restore the role assignments I wonder how I can reprovision the profile assignments as…

  • Error "An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host" when importing personal data from SAP/HCM

    In our test environment, we observe the following error message 1 to 2 times a month in connection with the import of personal data from SAP/HCM:

    ErrorMessages (2021-03-16 02:51:55.197) [810222] Error executing script 'CCC_Import_IDM_Person_IDV_SAPHCM…

  • 8.1.2 - SAP Connector not able to select "SAP R/3 authorization objects" template

    For some reason I am not able to select the above mentioned template.

    What could be the reason?

    I see in the debug-log of the sync editor the template is general available.

    SQL Query: select ConnectedSystem, ConnectedSystemSubType, ConnectedSystemVersion…

  • Error while assigning SAP roles to the user

    I am getting the below error while trying to assign SAP roles to the user from synchronisation editor. Could someone please suggest am I getting this?

    The system.exception says Bitte ein Initialkennwort angebenwhich which translates to "Please enter an…

  • SAP R/3 synchronization error (LDAPAccountInLDAPGroup)!

    Hi everyone,

    I am trying to synchronize a new SAP R/3 project but I am having the next error (attached in the url)

    SAP R/3 error

    The last action I did was try to install the LDAP component for this Job Sevice.

    Job Service components

    Any help will be…

  • Understand the default DN syntax the SAP Connector uses for Person


    Trust you are safe and healthy.

    The variable "vrtdistinguishedName" in the mapping "Employee" from the SAP Connector using the HCM employees objects template, generates a default value like "CN=<EmployeeID>,OU=000,OU=…

  • SAP User object ignored during synchronization because object has M:N provisioning tasks

    Dear fellow experts,

    Trust you are safe and healthy.

    I've configured a SAP CUA synchronization project which is configured to be in read-only (both in the intial Base Administration template configuration and target system configuration) so the data…

  • SAP CUA - Base Administration Template ALE Clients not synced

    Hi fellow experts,

    Trust everyone is safe and healthy.

    Quick question, I have a SAP R/3 Connector connecting to our SAP CUA using the Base Administration template in Read-only mode.

    When I browse the target system using target system browser at SAP side…