8.1.2 - SAP Connector not able to select "SAP R/3 authorization objects" template

For some reason I am not able to select the above mentioned template.

What could be the reason?

I see in the debug-log of the sync editor the template is general available.

SQL Query: select ConnectedSystem, ConnectedSystemSubType, ConnectedSystemVersion, Description, DisplayName, IsGenerated, Revision, ScriptCode, ScriptLanguage, SortOrder, SupportedScriptLanguages, TemplateType, UID_DPRTemplate, XDateInserted, XDateUpdated, XObjectKey, XTouched, XUserInserted, XUserUpdated from DPRTemplate where ((ConnectedSystem = N'SAP') and (TemplateType = N'ShellTemplate'))  

Returns 4 lines.

But Authorization objects is not shown.

The sap client is question was connected to CUA but is now standalone. 

Best regards