Question about Starling connect Connector and Cloud One Identity

Hello experts,

We have to work with a cloud SAP SuccessFactor HR target, and I'm researching the Starling Connect and the One Identity Cloud, however i got a little bit confused with the documentation and with what I saw in my on prem One Identity instance. Here it goes:

I'm researching on this documentation: or - not sure the real difference.

Just in the first page, we see depicted that One Identity on prem uses the SCIM connector (a generic API/Rest connector) to connect to One Identity Cloud Starling Connect and then from the cloud instance, connect to my final target.

Until this point OK, SCIM connector seems to be very straight forward, URL, authentication, that's fine.

However, things get confused when adding a new connector I see in my OneIdentity on prem a "Starling Connect Connector".

I'm assuming that "SCIM Connector" is just a generic API/REST connector, while "Starling Connect Connector" is exclusively for OneIdentity Hybrid Subscription products like Authentication ServicesActive RolesCloud Access ManagerOne Identity Safeguard for Privileged PasswordsPassword ManagerStarling Governance Access Certification

Is this assumption correct? For my project. Do I have to use generic SCIM connector and then connect to OneIdentity Cloud Starling?

Best Regards,

Leonilson Lopes