• When PUT and PATCH methods are called in SCIM connector?Can we forcefully make connector call PUT method instead of PATCH?


    We are using version 8.0 of One Identity Manager. We have developed SCIM compliant API and are trying to create and update user via One IM. When we create user, it calls POST method and creates the user but when we update user data, it always calls…

  • Unable to connect to SCIM API


    We have created SCIM 2.0 API using Mulesoft. APIs can be called using basic authentication. We are able to call these APIs using postman but are not able to connect to it via Synchronization editor. We are using version 8.0 of One Identity Manager…

  • Synchronization Editor and SCIM


    I want to provision users in a cloud system that has SCIM 2.0 available. But when I'm trying to create a system connection the test fails everytime with the following (albeit short) error message:

    2020-06-23 11:44:51.5525 ERROR (SystemConnector…

  • SCIM PersonAutoFullSync SEARCH Criteria non available under Universal Cloud Interface - scimscimBasic configuration data


    We are Synchronizing a SCIM target System, but we can't find the option for defining search criteria for employee assignment as could be seen in the image attacched.

    Which could be the problem?

    Thanks in advance

  • Synchronization template for SCIM not available


    We are setting up a Synchronization porject in order to connect to a SCIM Interface, we are followinf the guide at :


  • One Identity Connect for Cloud/ OIM SCIM Connector


    I am hoping to drive a discussion for the evangelizing of the Quest line of products for Cloud services integrations. We are in the process of ramping up our practice for provisioning in and out some of our SAAS apps. And while I am a champion of…