Issue with attribute in VI_Person_Overview_With_History report


we are trying to use the VI_Person_Overview_With_History default report in the Report Editor. The problem is the condition under Display_UNSAccountDisplay_cn.

{If(String.IsNullOrEmpty(UNSAccount.Data_CanonicalName),UNSAccount.Display, UNSAccount.Data_CanonicalName)}

When UNSAccount.Data_CanonicalName is null, it set the UNSAccount.Display, but that attribute shows a normal string plus an alphanumeric string that we don't want to see (for example "User Test (domain\ext_testuser) - 3413e4-r1976ds-agd321). We just need the first part (User Test (domain\ext_testuser)).

Why is this alphanumeric string displayed? how can we fix it? 

Thank you,

  • What version are you using?

    The display "User Test (domain\ext_testuser) - 3413e4-r1976ds-agd321" looks like the Display pattern of this UNSAccount. If you open the UNSAccount in the ObjectBrowser it will probably look the same in the result list.

    So if need something else to be displayed if the canonicalname is empty, you need to change the display pattern at the table UNSAccount. But remember that this will affect the display of any UNSAcount in any place or tool.

    The other option is to create a custom copy of the report and adapt it to your needs. But this depends a little but of the usage of the report as this may lead to further changes to your web portal or manager dialog definition to use your custom report instead of the OOTB report.

  • Hi Markus,

    we are using OIM v. 9.1. We are trying to do a custom report from a copy of that one. The solution I though was to use the function substring selecting only the part before the first "-". The problem here is that we can't use the function substring because it takes as input (string,integer,integer), but I can't set a range of indexes because the string is variable

    Thank you

  • You can use VB:NET code or functions as well. So something like


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