• One Identity 7.1 PersonWantsOrg - Person is not authorized to make requests at this point

    I have had this problem long ago using the API however the old forums posts are not helpful.

    Currently, in a mostly fresh install of One Identity 7.1 if I try to create a PersonWantsOrg request using Object Browser (logged in as viadmin) I get "This employee…

  • Issue - DB Server CPU Utilization reaching 100%

    OIM Version - 7.1

    We have a scripted data import that is triggered to populate few custom tables. The input data for this comes from a simple select query which has a join of 3 OIM tables and result of that query will be used to performs insert update delete…

  • How can Re-Enable all the the FROZEN task in Bulk Manner

    IN OneIDM,we have 100 Frozen task under a particular task.I want to Re-enable the entire 100.usually i will do one by one.Is there nay other way to do it in Bulk Manner..please guide me.

  • AD is getting removed by One idm if group is added manually at Target directly.

    We have using One Idm version 7.1,We have a situation like ,Groups are getting removed by One idm service account in AD if there  groups added directly in AD before.Is it becuase of One IDm version 7.1 bug or not enabling the option "Enable Merging"…

  • IT-SHOP requested item is not processing.Still lying as "Request Status =Request" under Request details.

    we have request for an items in IT-SHOP.It has been pending for 4 days.The next level of approver  is Manger.In Manager tool under IT-SHOP ,i checked the pending  request and i could see this user .i checked the approval History,request details 'Request…

  • i have configured TRACE log setting for SYNC jobs.But i cant see the Trace logs.

    I have to enable the TRACE log for SYNC task in "globallog" config file like below,

    <targets async="true">
    <default-wrapper xsi:type="BufferingWrapper" bufferSize="256" flushTimeout="2000" />…

  • How should i remove "Indirect Account Definition" From a person

    i have an user having a few Indirect Account Definitions.I need to Remove those Account definition from Person.How can i delete this Account definitions.

  • error while inserting user data into person table via script

    We have script for inserting User data into Person table .Recently there is no insertion is happening due to below error ,

    Insert User with ID 00005783
    2018-06-25 14:51:28 +02:00 - Serious - Error in line 3051: [810023] Error during execution of statement…

  • Default AD group is not assigning to new users

    I have 5 location based AD attribute and i connected all these to particular location.When a new user came under that location they will get that Groups.

    But unfortunately one DA group is not coming under identity .All other groups are assigning properly…

  • How to Trigger a custom task if any changes happened in any attribute of Person Table

    I have requirement as when any attribute of user updated in person Table via feed file ,i need to trigger custom script in One idm. How can i Achieve this.Please provide a solution.

  • what is virtual attribute

    What is virtual attribute in Snchronization Mapping section .Is there any document for that .How it is creating and its usage.I could see in Mapping section many attribute name start with "Vrt...".

  • How Synchronization works .

    I have a doubt in AD/Exchange  synchronization.We have configured different Synchronization project and created schedule for Provisioning and synchronization.

    But i have noticed that if we create or delete user in One idm ,the user account immediately…

  • where can i see the pending approval for any requested IT-SHOP Items.

    where can i  see the pending approval for any requested IT-SHOP Items .Can i see this Manager tool or any other tool available to see where the current process is pending with..One user told us they have requested foe an item and cant get the AD group…

  • In Job Queue what is meant by "Execution state " as True

    In Job Queue what is meant by "Execution state " as "True".This is existing for long.Nothing is running in background.Please help me.

  • Error during execution of 'OnInitialize' in logic module 'EX0.Customizer.EX0Mailbox'. Version string portion was too short or too long.

    Suddently when we open the mailbox object from LIAM we are getting this above error "Error during execution of 'OnInitialize' in logic module 'EX0.Customizer.EX0Mailbox'.
    Version string portion was too short or too long." 


  • How to end a running task in Job Queue

    i want stop immediately a running task in Job Queue while running.Is there any way to do that.In mouse right option , i did not see any option to do that.Please help me end those task

  • while ADSAccount Update we are getting an error like "A constraint violation occurred ".How can i solve this.

    while updating ADSAccount for user ,it showing an error like this


    A constraint violation occurred.

    Object not committed successfully. Retrying using single property commit.
    Property accountExpires should be set.
    Property company should be set.

  • In object changed History of ADSAccount ,what is the difference changed by "sa" and changed by "synchronization"

    while i taking the a user ADSAccount history ,i could  see that there are two option for " changed by ".I could see two option like "sa" and "Synchronization".What is actually  meant by this.

    If any object modified "S…

  • How can we delete the person object from One IDM.

    we need to delete a person object from One Idm. While we are deleting through (Object Browser -> delete ) ,we are getting  an error like " Object <xxxx,xxxx> cannot be deleted while objects of type <Request procedures> are still assigned " ..…

  • Internal error in COM access layer: number: 8007202F, description: A constraint violation occurred.

    while AD synchronization we are getting below error like "

    2134002] Error executing an adhoc projection!
    [1777018] Error executing workflow (Provisioning) of synchronization project

    Error executing projection step (user) of projection configuration…

  • How to get the disabled Mailbox object from "DialogueDifferedOperation" table to Actual EXOMailbox table

    i have scenario like when an  mailbox object expires then it will be  moved to "DialogueDiferredOperation" table for deleting it ( after 60 days it will be deleted as per the waiting period) from "EXOmailbox" table.But i have a disabled mailbox in…

  • Default AD groups are not assigning automatically to user according to their location

    i have configured an AD group and assigned  this group to a particular location .So when  new user created ,then according to their location they will get that AD group.But previously it  worked fine.but now it is not working properly.I can see some users…

  • issue in Synchronization log

    we have a  situation like ,a user available in AD and but user not available in DELL one idm ADSAccount.So in synchronization log i could an error like " error during execution of "setValues" in logic module VI.DB.Entities.EntityScriptLogic .conversion…

  • Why Outstandings AD objects are created in Dell one.What is the cause for creating object.

    we are using Dell one Idm and we have AD target.When i go to Manager tool->target synchronization;Active directory ,i can see many user and their AD groups .Why these user listed as Outstanding object.

    These user are member of respectice AD groups…

  • Avoid abort a request when employee is no longer in the itshop

    Hello community,


    I know that when an employee is no longer a member of the IT Shop, all his requests are aborted (Orderstate = Aborted).

    The status "Aborted" is not understandable by the end user, so we implement a process that unsubscribe all the requests…