error while inserting user data into person table via script

We have script for inserting User data into Person table .Recently there is no insertion is happening due to below error ,

Insert User with ID 00005783
2018-06-25 14:51:28 +02:00 - Serious - Error in line 3051: [810023] Error during execution of statement: insert into Person (AS_CSVObjectID, AS_EMP_UNIQUE_HCM_ID, AS_PAYROLL_ID, AS_PER_ORG, CCC_CorpTitle, CentralAccount, CentralSAPAccount, City, DefaultEmailAddress, Description, EntryDate, FirstName, Initials, InternalName, LastName, PersonalTitle, PersonnelNumber, PreferredName, Street, UID_Department, UID_Locality, UID_Person, UID_PersonHead, UID_ProfitCenter, ZIPCode, xdateinserted, xuserinserted, xdateupdated, xuserupdated, xobjectkey)  values ('xxxxxxx',...............)
[810095] Trying to execute SQL command in canceled transaction: 

is there way to solve this error .Please suggest.