• Ad group not assigned

    Hello experts,

    (Ver 7.1.2)

    We have an active directory group that is not being assigned as we expected.


    We have a Service item published in the IT shop that has an Active directory group associated. Whenever an employee requests it and the approval workflow…

  • Active Directory Provisionning

    Hello Everyone, 

    Thanks in advance for your answers.

    I have a problem with the AD Provisionning (Target Synchronization).

    I don't know how to create a kind of CheckBox on "Create User Account" Form via Manager Application (also via Web Portal…

  • Error DPR_NeedExecuteWorkflow

    Hi, everyone. Recently we faced a problem. When we try to compile our database we have such errors "Error compiling script Precode of Chain ADS_Group_Delete(39,0): DPR_NeedExecuteWorkflow is not declared. It may be inaccessible due to its protection level…

  • AD update schema error

    Hi Experts,

    We have exported AD sync project from Synchronization editor and imported it to on new environment.

    After importing it, we have updated connection details to Target system for  new Active Directory then we are trying to update schema.


  • Password sync - AD DC and outages

    What happens if the QC engine is down (for whatever reason) when a DC catches a password?  Where is it stored, what is the pattern, etc.?


    Capture agent have a settings, and by default will tried to forward each 10 min not forwarded passwords during…

  • Choose provisioning target conainer based on script results?


    I would like to let Quick Connect choose the target container for provisioning objects based on the source users source container:

    • If user is in container "CN=sales,DC=companyA,DC=com" then provision this user to "CN=sales,OU=Users,DC=CompanyB,DC=com…
  • Provisioning condition based on group membership in source AD


    I would like to create a provisioning step that provisions user objects based on their membership in the source Active Directory: "If user is member of group "MySyncGroup" in connected source AD then provision this user to managed AD Domain."…

  • "User" attribute missing in generic LDAP connector

    Hi All,

    I am trying to synchronize AD to openLDAP. On the workflow when i try to create from AD to LDAP i cant find User attribute in target LDAP. Can anyone help me with this please???

    Thank you!

  • AD to LDAP generic connector

    Hi All,

    I am trying to get AD users synchronized to openLDAP using one quick connect base. I dont know what i am doing wrong but i am unable to move further as i keep getting "an error occured while creating the object 'test@example.com' There…

  • Syncronizing AD group memberships to/from SQL tables

    Hi all,

    I looking for other's feedback on a solution I am working on to sync the membership of an AD group to a combination of SQL tables.   The SQL tables are structured as follows:

    Users Table


    Group Table

    Group NameGr…
  • Novell to AD, How do I rename users and not break mapping.

    I am using QC 5 to provision and update users and groups between eDirectory and AD 2008 R2. I have the steps working pretty well at first glance, but I just realized that if we rename a user in eDir I am going to lose the mapping of the account to AD…

  • Import from CSV to AD

    Hello everybody,

    I try to establish the import from a csv file to the Active Directory with Quick Connect. My Situation is i get a file from human resources where the data are out of the hr tool. I get it in Excel so I save it as CSV.

    I use this CSV to…

  • AD Forest Sync

    Hey everybody,

    I try to set up an AD Forest Sync to Sync our Production and Test environment AD.

    I have created two different Workflows with Connections and Mapping Pairs.

    The Update Workflow is working without any problems.

    But the Provisioning Workflow…

  • samAccountname from AD Connector is missing

    Hello *,

    in generel, I test the Tool for connecting a MS SQL DB and MS ADS. We use a trial version ( for testing and buy it by success. Maybe, somebody can help us according a strange problem. We use the LDAP comnector for AD, but dont find the…

  • Notation for filling AD Connector field memberof


    till now, i could fill all fields with attribute or text content. Only he field "memberof" in the ADS give back an error whiel filling, so that the account is not created.

    I test with following txt: CN=_VL-firmenname,OU=Verteilerlisten…

  • How can I adjust home directory to company standards?

    Currently Quest One Identity Manager supports the following fixed structure for Home directory for ADS accounts:

    \\<Home server>\<Home share>\<Home directory path>

    e.g. \\Server\HOMES\JIMC

    There is also a requirement of a share on the Home…

  • Quick Connect for Base Systems 2.2


    My client has looked through the base systems document & general QC document that although provides a lot of information does not lend itself to explain the process of creating / updating users from another source (i.e. CSV file).
    Is there any additional…

  • Quick Connect Ad to Ad lds Provisioning

    Has anyone   provisioned a user from AD to Ad Lds, issue  seeing what needs to be configured when provisioning a password

    Any help on this would be appreciated

  • AD DS to AD DS user- and password sync


    I am currently testing the Quick Connect for Active Directory tool and have a few questions. To my environment (all Win Server 2012): It is my goal to synchronize users with passwords from my Domain A DC to my Domain B DC (only initiated by Domain…

  • Using Password Transformation from AD to LDAP

    Hi All,

    I have a question around password transformation.

    Can Active Directory password be transformed before written in LDAP to "replace" unsupported characters in the password policy on the LDAP side (this is a RSA Access Manager component). Apparently…

  • Group Synchronization

    I have a SQL View that contains a well defined and controlled group population that I would like to Synchronize with a Active Directory Security Group.

    I use the word synchronize because I'd like people who are manually added/removed from the group within…