• Is there an audit report for Object Changes besides History Database or Time Trace?

    Hello Experts,

    Our Audit department has asked for a report that shows when a user account has any changes done to it.  They are needing the details as to What, When, by whom(the Change auditor shows just the sa account)  they need which user made the change…

  • Is there a way to Limit OneIM to use only Child Domain for GC Query instead of Parent?

    Hello Experts,

    We have been having a weird issue with our OneIM version 8.0.1.  We have multiple domains and 2 of the 3 domains are working with no errors.  One of the Domain we have is having all kinds of issues.  The difference is the 2 working domains…

  • Synchronization TETA for various environments

    We've setup synchronization project for importing Identities from TETA HR system. Because there are two TETA systems (TETA HRM and TETA 2000) we created one synch. project we redefine variable for subsystem:

    In workflow there is a setting to "Delete…

  • RE: Start synchronization workflow from a step of a process


    yes this is possible. A full sync will be started using the task  FullProjection from the ProjectorComponent.The task needs the UID of the startup configuration you want to run as parameter.

  • RE: Send synchronization editor log with a mail

    Hi Mik,

    the logged Information of the synchronization runs are stored in the One Identity Manager database in the tables starting with DPRJournal...

    You can use the report DPR_Journal_Summary to export the complete log using the report component.

    To generate…

  • RE: How to filter/scope target system values


    you have to create two custom target system schema classes and two mappings. In the custom schema classes you can apply a filter to distinguish between users and roles.

    I've done that for an Oracle User Profile sample.


    1. Create a custom…
  • RE: Synchronization Editor - ADS configuration - v7.0.2


    the complete synch configuration has changed in version 7. The connection credential are now part of the synchronization project and can be configured or changed in the Synchronization Editor. You just need to change the variables.

    I recommend that…