• User account not creating (provisioning) in custom target system


    OneiM Version 8.2.1

    I have a custom target application. It is a Web application that uses SQL Server as a backend database. I integrated using ADO.NET connector as a custom target system. I have configured the synchronization project and onboarded…

  • Server seems to have no valid authentication mechanisms configured -> trying without authentication.


    OneIM version 8.2.1

    I have configured the SMTP service account in Mail notification. But we kept getting an authentication error.

    I have ensured the credentials are working and mail is going through the telnet command.

        Server seems to have no valid…

  • Move deactivate account in different OU in Active Directory


    OneIM Version 8.2.1

    I have a requirement to move to deactivate accounts in different OU in AD. And I have to customize the template for ADSAccount.UID_ADSContainer to implement my requirement.

    Can someone help me with the code to set in ADSAccount…

  • Permission filter


    we are having this problem:

    we assigned an employee to an application role , which has a custom permission group (copy of a pre-existing one). In the permission filter tab (relating to the ADSGroup table) of the permission group, we have entered…

  • Getting error in AD synchornization to Update


    Getting error while running AD Synchronization to Update. Synchronization inserting to AD from one identity manger is fine.

    Error As follows

    [System.DirectoryServices.DirectoryServicesCOMException] There is no such object on the server.


  • Service Now Module

    Hi ,

    I'm trying to install new module (SCN) service now in DB as per the below thread. I am using one identity Manager version 8.0.2.


    Error occurs…

  • Delete custom process

    Hi, I have created a custom process but later on i have deleted the custom table which attach to that custom process. Now i am not able to find that custom process any where. Please help me to delete that custom process. Even i have searched in DialogProcess…
  • Define search criteria for employee assignment

    Hi, I have created a search mapping criteria like AdsAccount.EmployeeNumber -> Person.PreviousPersonnelNumber. Where PreviousPersonnelNumber is custom column which is multivalue column. The above matching search criteria getting failed cause it is not…
  • Multivalued column


    How to make a column in object browser as multivalued? There is a column which showing result in dropdownlist. How can i select multiple value from dropdown list for that column?

    Now i am able to select only one value from dropdown list.


  • Write permission denied for value "system user"


    While trying to import system configuration from one envirnoment to other through transporter tool. I am getting the error "Write permission denied for value "system user"


    Please advise on this.