• Failed to authenticate user using OAuth2/Open ID Connect. System.ArgumentException: Invalid JSON primitive: .

    Hello All, 

    We're trying to connect One Identity Manger with Keycloak using openID Connect protocol. Once we enter the URL of the Web portal it redirects back to AM for authentication, after authentication it redirect back to the web portal but with…

  • SCIM: The request contains invalid parameters or values


    I am trying to connect to a Target System using oAuth authentication method via SCIM. We are using the version 9.0 LTS.

    We populate all the correct values and when we try to test the connection we get the below error message:

    Error returned:…

  • ManagerWeb SSO - Not working

    Hi all,

    we are try to setup OAuth-Single Sign On with Azure for the ManagerWeb.
    We already have successfully setup the SSO for the IdentityManager Web-Portal which works fine.

    If you are open the ManagerWeb-site you will receive an error like:

    Failed to…

  • missing OAuthAuthenticator config parameters


    We migrated from OneIdentity 8.0.2 to 8.1.4 and so far so good.

    Now, we want to setup OAuthAuthenticator (to match the config that we have in Prod) and I installed  One Identity Redistributable STS component (https://support.oneidentity.com/es-es/identity…

  • OAUTH 2.0 does not work

    I'm trying to integrate the Identity Manager Web Portal with Microsoft Azure using OAuth 2.0. Basically when opening the web portal the user will be directed to the Azure login screen and when logging in the user will return to the web portal page…

  • Redirect URI for Password Web Portal


    We are using One Identity Manager version 8.1.3 and have configured Password Web Portal with Oauth/OpenID(role based) authentication module. Once we authenticate the use ragainst openid, it is redirecting the user to home page instead of redirecting…

  • OAuth2.0 and API


    We're trying to get ServiceNow to run scripts in One IM and doing that with OAuth2.0. I've installed the RSTS but something is missing.

    1. I have enabled both OAuth2.0-authentication modules but do I need to configure a identity provider…

  • how is the clientId being passed to the token endpoint? Is it in header in Authorization? or as part of Body? or Both?

    In an attempt to get token from SSO.  The oneIdentity does a call to /token endpoint of SSO.
    Usually, the client id and secret is passed either as header or as body
    an example:
    /token HTTP/1.1^M
    Connection: close^M
    Authorization: Basic aXNhbXJwOnhKck…
  • Multiple Redirect URI for an app in Cloud Access manager OpenID Connect/ oAuth 2.0 SettingsOpen


    We are trying to setup an app in CAM for authentication from an angular APP using OpenID Connect oAuth 2.0

    It works to receive access token and id_token. But we need additional functionality to refresh tokens(access, id_token) silently with no prompt…

  • Need Callback URL of OneIdentity Manager v8.0


    We are integrating One IM manager with a specific Identity Provider via OAUTH openID rolebased authenticator. We need to specify callback URL in the Identity Provider? Please suggest what value should be specified there?


    In addition , What value…

  • OAuth + ADFS Error (ADFS) Side

    Identity Management Logs

     MSIS9692: Received invalid OAuth request. The Basic Authorization header must have ClientID and ClientSecret UrlEncoded then separated by ':'.

    ADFS Logs

    MSIS9441: Received invalid OAuth request. Basic Authorization header…

  • How to use OAuth 2.0 with Application Server via RESTful API


    Currently we have an application that communicates with the 1IM system via the RESTful API provided by the application server. This communication is currently done via the RoleBasedEmployee Authentication Module. 

    We are looking into changing this…