• CreateAttestation with parameters

    Good evening everyone,

    I am trying to trigger an attestation from a process and pass the strings for PropertyInfo1 and PropertyInfo2. The version I am using is V. 8.1.5

    If I run the method CreateAttestation(String strObjectKey, Dictionary'2 dicData) from…

  • How to reindexing large tables?


    we are preparing the update of our environments to version 8.1.5. In the development environment we have noticed that within the daily maintenance work not all table indexes are
    being rebuilt. A look into the Relase Notes explained us why this…

  • Web Portal login and uninstall error

    Hi everyone,

    I'm running One Identity Manager 8.1.5, and when I try to login using the web portal I get the error below.

    Sometimes the error is different: "Object reference not set to an instance of an object.".

    I also tried to uninstall…

  • Data Import error

    Hi everyone,

    I'm running One Identity Manager 8.1.5, and I got an error importing data from CSV using the Data Import tool.

    The CSV contains records not related directly to products (ITShopInfo not equal to 'PR').

    The table I'm importing…

  • Analyzer functionalities for RBAC system

    Hi everyone,

    I need to implement an RBAC system with dynamic roles and I am using the Analyzer tool for the analysis. The version of 1IM is 8.1.5.

    I have some questions about the Analyzer functionalities.

    1. Is it possible to export a report with the…

  • [OI 8.2] uninstall AppServer from CLI not remove it from DB history


    when I uninstall AppServer from CLI I can still see AppServer URL in JobQueueInfo/Job Server State, it should dissapear.

    When I uninstall AppServer from GUI everything works fine and AppServerURL dissapear from JobQueueInfo/Job Server State.

    It also…

  • Install AppServer from CLI with SearchIndex enabled [OI 8.2]

    [OneIdentity 8.2]

    Is there any option to install App Server from CLI with enabled SearchIndex? I can not see any parameter to do this Disappointed

  • Where to find SAP DLLs? sapnco.dll , sapnco_utils.dll , etc

    Hi all,

    The documentation for connection to a SAP environment mentions that 6 DLL files have to be in the GAC or in some directory.