• MakeDecision process error

    Hi all,

    i'm launching a MakeDecision method on the object PersonWantsOrg with a HandleObjectComponent - CallMethod process step.

    this process is called all the time by other processes during the workflow of a request and all go fine.

    But in one case…

  • sync error

    Error details: Synchronization steps aborted. Details: An error occured while import from 'OU=xxxx'
    Unknown error (0x80041070)]

    any ideas how to dig into this one, this job runs hourly for our new users and termed

    it eventually clears up, but…

  • Web Portal How to change Product Name?

    Hi all,

    I cannot change the name of the product. I found how to change the logo from the admin portal, but I am unable to change the Productname. Could you assist me with this?

    Thank you,

  • One Identity Manager - SAP Solution Manager integration

    Hello everyone.

    I have to connect One Identity Manager with SAP Solution Manager and I have questions regarding this project.

    In OneIM, is it better to use the native connector for SAP R/3 or should I create a connector from scratch ?

    Thank you in advance…

  • v8.2.1: Too much resources used on IIS pool: sessions (user not logged in) is spiking

    We see the following IIS Server behavior:

    • After restarting the IIS server the number of “User account: (User is not logged in); started at: xxxxxxxxxxx” – sessions is building up to 80-90 sessions. Netstat registers 9 IP connections with port 443. …
  • Angular Web Portal Import Problem


      I followed all the steps in the given link “support.oneidentity.com/.../3. Firstly, I downloaded the project from GitHub and then customized the project and built the project. Then, I zip the file as “Html_qer-app-portal” and saved via Software loader…

  • Custom Certs and DB Private Key on Windows Containers

    I've been setting up a new OIM environment in Azure using AKS with Windows Containers built from the One Identity Images on Docker Hub.

    Following the documentation I'm mounting my custom certs into C:\ca-certificates (from Azure KeyVault via SecretProviderClass…

  • Permisson to revoke account definition

    Hi everyone,

    we want to enable a role based permisson group to revoke the account definition of an ADs Account. 
    We already tried to assign the task permission to the permisson group but it didnt work. (1. User Interface -> 2. Task definitions -> 3. RevokeAccountDef…

  • Failed to authenticate user using OAuth2/Open ID Connect. System.ArgumentException: Invalid JSON primitive: .

    Hello All, 

    We're trying to connect One Identity Manger with Keycloak using openID Connect protocol. Once we enter the URL of the Web portal it redirects back to AM for authentication, after authentication it redirect back to the web portal but with…

  • Login via SSO to applications.

    Hello everyone,

    can anyone tell me how I can configure the login of applications (Manager, Designer, JobqueueInfo...) via SSO?

    Any help is welcome, thank you.

  • SQL Server 2022 support for Identity Manager 9.0 LTS CU3.

    The supported SQL version mentioned in the original Identity Manager 9.0 LTS Release Notes is SQL Server 2019, which is at this moment already some 5 years old. So for newly installing or upgrading from 8.x to 9.0 LTS, it would be preferred to use a more…

  • Poor documentation of the CMD tools

    I would like to ask is there any chance to get documentation up to date of the CMD tools. Those tools are used to automate many task, unfortunately many options are not described or information is poor. Examples:

    DBTransportTool v9.1

    -O Create hotfix…

  • Script for pwd gen and putting value into ADSAccount UserPassword field


    I've created a script to generate the password taking the xobjectkey as input and returning the password.

    Here's my script:

    Public Function CCC_Generate_Password_AD(ByVal accountXobjectKey As String) As String
    Dim entity As IEntity = Session…

  • Integrate Keycloak


    We would like to integrate Keycloak with One Identity.

    There is anyone who tried to integrate it? If yes, by what mode?


  • Dpr_Shell_Migrate error after upgrade from 8.1.5 to 9.0


    After upgrading to 9.0 , DPR_Migrate_Shell passed for all Synchronization projects except for one, it is giving me the following error 

    ErrorMessages  (2024-02-01 14:12:50.877) Migrate all database schemas (SystemId: FTP#66CBC063-859C-4C05…
  • Powershell connector when a user is created


    I need to trigger 3 API calls (POST)  when a user is created. These calls are meant to assign a badge, computer, and phone to the user.

    In practice, I want to create a PowerShell connector that will run in the user creation process.

    How should this…

  • Disabled full managed AzureAD accounts license assignment


    Our customer wants to implement a functionality in One Identity that would remove all entitlements except one from the Azure AD accounts of users who are in the leaver process and are disabled. The accounts currently have account definitions assigned…

  • One Identity Manager On Demand - Servers On-Prem in DMZ

    Hello everyone,

    We would like to have a One Identity Manager On Demand installation with 2 job servers On-Prem to integrate different target systems. We were told that these 2 job servers would be in a DMZ.

    I just wanted to ask if this might be a problem…

  • Support of TLS 1.3

    Hello Team,

    We are using one identity 9.2 version.

    Can anybody let me know if one identity manager supports TLS 1.3 protocol for all the web applications including new angular web portal?


  • Mail notification for bulk accounts expiration

    Hello everyone,

    I'm looking to set up a monthly email notification system for managers, informing them about users whose accounts are set to expire in the upcoming month.

    Currently, I have a process in place for individual email notifications, with…

  • How to handle custom attributes in SaaS solution (Oracle Fusion)when connecting via Starling Connect?


    We are implementing Starling Connect for Oracle Fusion on our OneIM 8.2 installation.

    I'm having a bit of trouble regarding some customization done in the Oracle Fusion (or other app) schema.

    In the Oracle Fusion schema that we use, several…

  • Modifying CAPTCHA agent character generation (Password Manager Portal)


    Is there a way to limit the characters for the CAPTCHA agent security code when authenticating into the Password Manager portal?  Customer wants to remove ambiguous characters such as capital "O" and zero "0". 

  • Cannot create Change Labels in Designer Tool (Version 9.0 LTS)

    Hi all,

    when i try to create a new change label, saving procedure fails with the following error: 

    InvalidArgument=Value of '-1' is not valid for 'index'.
    Parameter name: index
    at Designer.frmStateLog.OnClosing(CancelEventArgs e)
    at Designer…

  • We can not login to Api Server with active directory


    We can login Api Server with an identity , on the other hands we have been trying to login Api Server with acitve directory , but we couldn't. We have an active directory releated identity. We don't think that there is a problem fot active directory…

  • How to do version upgrade from 8.2 to 9.1?

    Hi Team,

    As part of our upgrade activity, we are planning to migrate One Identity from version 8.2 to 9.1 very soon.

    I was looking for any resource available which outlines the steps for performing the One Identity version upgrade activity.

    Any documental…