• Documentation in French/German


    Our manager would like to implement One Identity over our network. However, the main office is US-based, but we have many branches in other countries. For example, one of our subcontractor is a floral company in France, while we have several others…

  • Migrating sync project to 9.0

    After migrating from 8.1 to 9.0 IDM starts the DPR_Migrate_Shells jobs as expected to migrate the sync projects into the newest version.

    The issue is that the credentials for the associated connections are wrong (sql users were changed), therefore the…

  • Why is the type of XIsInEffect Integer on the UNSAccountInUNSGroup table


    I have observed that the type of the XIsInEffect ususally Boolean, but on the UNSAccountInUNSGroup table it is specified as an Integer. Why is that the case? What could a value other than 1 or 0 indicate in terms of an assignment being in effect?

  • How to Displaying the One Identity Manager Service log file with https - securely


    Could you help me somebody?

    The default configuration is:     http://<server name>:<port number>        The default value is port 1880

    We woud like to use with https secure protocol   -    or with ssl.

    How can I configure the IIS server   -   or…

  • How to Create a Mask for SNN or National Identity Card ?

    Hello, I have a situation to register users on the portal, in "include a new employee", in a certain field we have the option "CPF", which would be a national identification document of a citizen, equivalent to the SNN or Carteira Nacional de American…

  • How to rename a dialogUser

    Hello Pro's,

    We have a need to rename a dialoguser. Are you aware of how we can do this? When we go into designer / permissions / system user it shows the username field un-editable. I went into object browser and see that field is “CanEdit =…

  • Custom Target System User In Group Sync Error

    Full error:

    Error executing synchronization project (CXU Sync)'s workflow (CXU Sync).
    Workflow (CXU Sync) dependencies could not be resolved automatically.
    The dependency resolution for 16 rules has failed.
    The rule () from mapping (CXU User In Group…

  • Salesforce Integration using SCIM Connector

    Hi, I am trying to integrate Salesforce using SCIM Connector. The OneIM version is 8.2 and the salesforce version is 'Winter '23 Patch 6.3'. While providing the endpoint URI for getting schema, Resources and supported service options, I am adding following…

  • Question regarding Exchange Sync project - Mailboxstatistics

    Hello Community,

    we are using One Identity Manager version 8.1.5

    We have made a strange observation in our development environment that we currently cannot explain.

    We are using the Exchange Sync project for Exchange 2016 and the following message /…

  • How to refer CompliancRule in IT Shop Approval workflow mail templates

    We have a requirement to do Compliance Rule check in IT Shop Approval Workflows and notify approvers with detected compliance rule violation details, in case there is a Compliance Violation.

    We used "CR - Compliance check simplified" approval procedure for…

  • One Identity Manager 8.1.5 Unlock Active Directory Account via API

    I cannot find any documentation on how to do this. Trying to simply change the property to false does not work and I noticed in Manager there is a special task to unlock accounts. Is it possible to unlock a locked Active Directory Account via the API…

  • Product A mandatory to request product B

    Hi everyone,

    We use One Identity Manager 8.1 and we would like that a user not to be able to request a product A unless they already have a specific product B. In our use case the product A is dependent on product B and if the user request the product…

  • Error while provisioning RACF account related to StructuralObjectClass in LDAPAccount


    I'm setting up a RACF connector towards TDS on One Identity Manager 8.2, which works fine so far, however when I'm provisioning a new account for an existing employee through either the IT Shop or Manager, the job will get stuck in the job queue during…

  • Automatic delegate the request Approver if the Approver is Sub Identity.


    Other possible solution to our problem.

    If the Approver of the request is Sub Identity how we do to automatic delegate this Approval step to the Main Identity?

    Thanks and best regards


  • Manual provisioning roles

    Hello Community,

    I'm in face of a problem, with the integration of OIM 8.2.

    We're working on the workflow approval for approbation of roles, and we have some roles that need manual approbation; that means the role need to provisioned on an application which is out…

  • How to set the ExitDate manually


    I need to change the ExitDate value into the Designer, how can I set it to a specific value? For exemple, when a user is created on the web portal I want to set the ExitDate as default at 2999-1-1.

    Thank you,


  • DBTransporterCMD /Options Parameter

    Hi.  Any additional information about the /options for the DBTransporterCMD tool?  The docs only provide one example "/Options=ObjectFilter=Keepsettings" which isn't very illuminating :)  Is there any other information anywhere about what you…

  • Running Custom Task - Quick Start Guide

    I have set up a number of custom tasks to run a process with different input variables. In the documentation I can see there are different ways of associating the tasks with permission groups or objects but cannot find a quick way of running the tasks…

  • Upgrading from 8.1.5 to 9.1 issues with sync projects

    We have upgraded our Dev environment to version 9.1 from 8.1.5. Database, workstation tools upgraded and new Database Agent running.

    Last hurdle is to get the Synchronization Editor to upgrade the sync projects.

    Firstly, the upgrade process of our job…

  • User creation in web designer

    I am facing for the first time the Web Designer Tool. I need to configure the system so that only external users can be created from the Web Portal.
    I made the field IsExternal read-only in the VI_Edit_Employee, but the field isExternal isn't flagged…

  • Error after database upgrade, Job Server Status error: "The underlying connection was closed: An unexpected error occurred on a receive."

    Hi All,

    This morning we had a DB upgrade from SQL Server 13.0.5893.48  to 14.0.3451.2. Running OneIM 7.1.3.

    After restart the Develop system gave an error in the JobQueueInfo.net - Job Server Status - Job Server: The underlying connection was closed: An…

  • Error during upgrade from 8.1.5 -> 9.0 LTS

    Received the below error while upgrading one of my lower environment from 8.1.5 to 9.0 LTS.. I am getting this error just before the System Update step.

    ERROR - Crash report

    Error compiling script (0,25): Keyword is not valid as an identifier…

  • "Employees without user accounts" question

    Hello.  Is there a way to get more information on the "Employees without user accounts"  list on the overview please?  If I highlight, it just says "Employees that are assigned this definition but cannot own a corresponding user account in the target…

  • WebPortal - Login failed for user 'NT AUTHORITY\ANONYMOUS LOGON'

    Hi Community!

    I'm facing some issues while installing web portal for One Identity 8.2.1.

    I can't run my IIS application of the web portal because I have the following error:

    Server Error in '/AppServer' Application.

  • Data retrieval from History Database


    We have a script which fetches a column value from History Database and generates a report. After upgrade of History DB from V6 to v8, the script is not able to fetch the value. We are not able to figure out the reason as no error is thrown and just…