• How to replace the default ITShop Requests report for a customized one?

    We are trying to make a quatitative reports of how many requests were approved by department?

  • Can't process out parameter in process steps

    Hi all,

    I have created a process with some "PowershellComponentNet4 - ExecuteScript" components, in the version 9.1 of the product.
    One of these steps, returns 2 informations that I have concatenated for passing it to the next steps. For e.g…

  • Setting up web server that is running on AKS - oneidentity/oneim-web


    I set up servers on ACR and AKS

    When I try to login to web server with the viadmin or user that I created during the DB initialization, I get error wrong password or user. When I try to create a new one from the portal I get:

    An error occurred…
  • New Identity approval

    Hi everyone!

    I am working on creating identities through the Manager/Admin Web portal Identity manager account Responsibilities>My Responsibilities>Identities>Add a new Identity (customized the VI_Employee_edit to CCC_Employee_edit as per requirement…

  • Processing step 'QER ContentInitial (fill initial content for insert)' failed. 6 - DataFile command failed. The database connection was broken. Object reference not set to an instance of an object.


    I am installing one identity manager 9.0 LTS version when I get to schema creation I get the following error.

    Processing step 'QER ContentInitial (fill initial content for insert)' failed.
    6 - DataFile command failed.
    The database connection was…

  • Multiple password policies for same object (ADSAccount)

    Is there a way to apply multiple password policies to the same object, for example, ADSAccount?  Customer wants to implement different password policies for different types of AD accounts defined via group membership. 

  • How to create custom collection?


    When I try to create a custom Collection I receive the following error:

    "Object not set to an instance of an object"

    I need the custom collection to link it to an Autocomplete Textbox.

    How do I create a collection?

    I haven't found any guide…

  • Installation - 9.1 locally or VM


    I am using Azure with SQL, ACR and AKS but first I need to go through Installation wizard. So the question is:

    Is it good option to Install it locally and to maintain it if needed instead of using VM and have additional costs?

  • How to run a prepared statement (QBMLimitedSQL) with parameters from a process step?

    Hi One Identity Manager Community,

    We have some complex SQL scripts that are run from processes that we would like to store as prepared statements (QBMLimitedSQL) rather than as the parameter to a SQLComponent task.

    So far I have not been able to find…

  • Add Autocomplete Textbox on web portal


    We try to add an Autocomplete Textbox on the web portal through the Web Designer.

    We want to add this textbox in the organizationl data - Field to add a new parameter when a new user is created.

    How can I link a custom table with all the value that…

  • Standart UCI_Update generates Insert command in the backend

    Hello community,

    I created a SCIM sync project using the SCIM connector in the synchronization editor. In my DEV environment everything is working correctly. 
    I used transport packages to transport the connector to my TEST environment, the problem I'm…

  • Contractor To permanent Employee

    Hi All,

    I have one scenario in which I have to write a code for  contractor who are getting promoted to employee in a company for this i have to check whether the Employee ID of the contractor and the newly created employee record  are same.

    If they are…

  • Could not load file or assembly 'AAD.Customizer' or one of its dependencies

    Hi All,

    We are using version 8.2 of One Identity Manager. I am trying to create a project using Starling connector, the connection gets established but while loading the schema, I get the error "Could not load file or assembly 'AAD.Customizer' or one…

  • Create system user for swagger API

    Hi everyone,

    We want create a system user to use the swagger API. This system user must be able to do only GET request on a specific table.

    To do this I add a permission group with read permission on that Table, but this user is not allowed to use Swagger…

  • How to assign automatically Distribution Groups


    I have to assign automatically Azure AD distribution groups to some accounts if they have the mailbox enabled and also depending of their location.

    Do you have any suggestions?

    Thank you,


  • How to schedule a job to run hourly except a particular interval

    How to schedule a job to run hourly except a particular interval ?

    I tried it in Designer > Edit Schedule, but there is no such option to put exception interval.

    Checked both in OIM Version 8.1.5 and 9.1.1

  • how to write in a table using vb.net in one identity manager

    Dim f As ISqlFormatter = Connection.SqlFormatter
    Dim collectionUsers As IColDbObject = Connection.CreateCol("CCC_Context_Identifier_Def")

    collectionUsers.Prototype.WhereClause = (f.Comparison("CCC_Context_UUID","ContextUUIDParam", ValType.String…

  • Error history in jobqueue is not required

    Is there any way to get only the current error messages for a frozen job in the job queue after re-enable it few times.

    Instead of complete error history I need only the current error message in jobqueue.

  • Update Script for a value column in Person Table

    I wanna add a modification to a script used for calculating the CCC_Direction value in the Person table. CCC_Direction corresponds to the Direction to which the person is attached calculated based on DepartmentName column in the Department table as shown…

  • One Identity Manager - Send Email On Deletion of PersonHasQERResource

    I need to send a email when a QERResource assignment is deleted. So I made a email template using PersonHasQERResource and my first thought was to assign it to a custom process for PersonHasQERResource on the Delete event. However, its deleted before this…

  • Connect One Identity Manager with SIEM

    We want to connect SIEM with One Identity Manager.

    We create a view in OIM with all data that SIEM wants read. How can SIEM access to OIM view? Is it possible through Job Service or DB or we must open an API for SIEM?

    We use One Identity Manager…

  • Reason type on request doesn't work

    Hi Community,

    I have changed the reason type on request to free text required in the service item, but this is not mandatory. When selecting standard reason required, nothing changes in the webshop either.
    Is there a field in the web designer that affects…

  • upgrade

    Hi all

    I have One Identity password manager version installed on one of my Azure VM.
    i want to upgrade it to 5.12. please guide me with the steps as i have never used this product before.

  • Script assembly Webapp_VI_StandardWeb_Debug_AP not found in 'DialogScriptAssembly'.

    Hello all,

    (I already check other question about this problem)

    Context :

    When I'm on user interface and go to the website I have an error 500 "Impossible to display..."

    So I go to the website directly from the IIS Web Server and when I…

  • how to delete/disable multiple compliance rules

    We have a requirement to delete multiple compliance rules and it seems only disabled rules can be deleted in One Identity Manager so I am trying to disable them first then delete but getting error.

    I tried from Manager > Identity Audit > Rules > selected…