• Job servers are not processing any jobs


    Job servers are not processing anything. I checked the logs and there is no error. Tried configuring it twice still did not work and this used to work before. Also, I noticed that there is a warning in Database journal 

    "Processing is disabled (wait…

  • HistoryDB / Job Chain "VI_SourceDatabase_Import " runs on Frozen


    We use version 8.0.3 in our test environment. We use two SQL servers - one for the main database and one for the history DB.

    We have set up historization to the extent that it should work. The connection between the two SQL servers is also available…

  • Exchange 2010 to 2016 Connectivity Migration

    We are using Identity Manager 8.0.2 and out of box Exchage 2010 Connector.

    We were initially connected to Exchange 2010 server for mailbox lifecycle management. Recently, exchange 2010 mailboxes are migrated to 2016 and now in our infrastructure, two 

  • Add jobserver using appserver without remote installation


    we've problems installing a job server within another domain. The One Identity Manager and Database are installed within a Management zone. In addition to that we have multiple domains that do not have (and should not have) any trust relationship…

  • Change SortOrder of DBQueue Processor task


    Can we change the SortOrder of DBQueue Processor task? If yes, then is it recommended?

    Thank You

  • Changing Hostname of a JobServer in the Designer

    I have a scenario where I have two job servers (one active and one is passive state), both are configured with similar machine roles, both are in different data centers.

    Currently I want to failover my primary job server to the passive one by changing…

  • Error when approver change request on ITShop


    1IM v8.1

    On portal ITShop approver want change request and add second product. When click send the approver get error: 

    "An exception has occurred while executing the form method F0_ctl00_ControlRef8_ControlRef15_ControlRef15_ControlRef8b_Main_Main_Container6_Container7_Button4_Method…
  • AppServer - How often does the search index update itself?


    we have a OneIM database migrated to version 8.0.3 in our test environment.

    Our observation is that expected terms are not found in the search index after importing transports.
    If this is noticed during the tests, we will trigger the update of the…

  • Active assignment request

    We are facing the same issue 8.0.2 IT shop assignment is not working as expected basically it show for the requester that the product he requested is assigned   (E.x business roles/ other entitlement) user try to use requested product since approvals got…

  • How to move Jobs which are set to Ready2EXE=True from one Job Queue to another Job Queue.

    How to move Jobs which are set to Ready2EXE=True from one Job Queue to another Job Queue.

  • Using REST API to order in shop system

    Hi Guys,
    I once wanted to ask if it is possible to create an order in the shop system via the REST API for a user and submit it, so that an approval workflow starts?

    After that, it should of course be possible to read the status of the attached workflow…

  • Hyperlinks are not working in mail templates


    I tried to add hyperlink in the mail template which can redirect user to a specific page but it is not redirecting to that page. I check the mail templates to Approve or Deny request in ITshop as well as attestation, those links work may be because…

  • How to get current date in email templates in designer?

    Hi All,

    I have created some email templates in Designer tool under Mail Templates section. one thing that is bothering me is how to get the DATE populated dynamically in the email templates so that the user will be seeing the date in the email when it receives…

  • Problem with button “Deny” in Attestation Workflows.

    When we deny an attestation approval, the product shows the next error:

    We have check if the product doesn’t have the required dll (ATT.CompositionApi.dll), and we have check if the script has any error, but it compiles normally.


    Error executing…

  • History DB / How to configure HDB to use more than one database for history


    we ask ourselves, how do we progress in the following question - how to configure the history db to use more than one database. 

    Our goal is to build a history db for every year.  

    • HDB1 for 2019
    • HDB2 for 2020
    • HDB3 for 2021

    In the end there should…

  • Connection error occurs in AD processes


    Sometimes we face issue while executing AD processes or saving AD object and the error is "Connection to ADSDomain could not be detected". We then compile the database and restart the service, tools and then re execute the process and it…

  • IT Shop Requests and Delegation for Managers that are either OOO or on leave

    Hello All,

    I have a couple of questions i was hoping to get some ideas/recommendations on.  We are using OneIM 8.0.1.  I am part of the IT Shop Administrator also a member of the Chief Approval Team.  What i am trying to solve for now is if we have a manager…

  • Unable to sync a multivalue column in Active directory from One Identity manager

    Hello Team,

    We have created a String type column and marked it as Multi-valued in ADSAccount table as we want to sync the column values in AD "Proxy Address" attribute which is a multi-valued. We are unable to sync the value in AD and neither we are able…

  • How to assign permissions to Exchange shared mailbox ?

    Hello everyone!

    I'm trying to setup provisioning for Shared Mailbox in an Exchange Hybrid environment (although my question is relevant for any Exchange infrastructure, on-prem, Hybrid or Cloud, I guess).

    In the documentation (here) I've found the…

  • has anyone been able to create bulk useraccounts/Groups in OneIM?

    has anyone been able to create bulk useraccounts in OneIM?  I have been trying to get it right but keep running in to problems when i do data import.  All of your assistance is greatly appreciated.  here are my headers for the data.



  • Why account definition is checked when Department is updated for any user?

    Hi Experts,

    I tried to update few attributes in AD for the user like firstname, lastname, description, department. I have noticed that with only department change the account definition is again checked for the user and accordingly the container of the…

  • Using 1IM 6.1.4sp4, need to create a sort of Reference system, removing user data and current domain, keeping all customizations, connecting to a new domain

    Currently using 1IM v6.1.4sp4

    I need to build another environment by creating a Reference System from my current system, keeping all customizations, removing all user data and the current domain.

    Steps taken:

    1 Copied current 1IM DB

    2 Renamed DB

    3  Complete…

  • "Active Assignment Requests" box in the Person Overview

    Hello everyone! I am curious about the category "Active Assignment Requests" in the Person Overview Page, what is the significance of  this information? 

    My understanding is that it list all the requests raised by a user in IT shop which are still…

  • Business Role Creation from a Sync Project in One Identity Manager 8.1

    In a mapping in a sync project to mapping to a new Business role, AkA Org table,  I receive the following error (hopefully the image works):

    In the error it states "Org: The following fields are compulsory and need to be filled: Business Role". I assume…

  • Error generating process step Call Script VI_UnsAccount_


    I wrote script for add user to Oracle Database.

    I created process (Insert Event to UNSAccountB table) for create the user.

    When I create user in Manager, I got error:

    Got exception during generation of chain 'VI_UnsAccountB_Generic': Error generating…