• Access IT Shop using Employee Auth.

    Hello experts!

    I have installed One Identity Manager v8.0.4. I tried to access to the IT Shop using the employee authentication module ( Normally, I used AD module), but I cannot access to it, the error is: Wrong username or password. The steps I follow…

  • Web Portal - AD Authentication for employees

    Dear fellow experts,

    Just need some pointers for my use case and I was hoping someone can point me in the right direction.

    I have Employees (Person Objects) who have ADSAccount linked to them. I would like them to authenticate to the Web Portal using…

  • Will this authentication scenario work?

    I'm trying to get Active Directory SSO working for the Web Portal.

    Domain A

    Application Server

    Job Server

    Workstation Server

    Domain B

    Web Portal hosted

    There's no trust between Domain A and Domain B. Domain B gets synced to in Identity Manager…

  • Web Portal in an Untrusted Domain

    Using v 8.1.1. I have my One Identity install in one domain and all my users have AD accounts in another (synced) domain and there is no trust between them. I was thinking of putting the Web Portal in the untrusted domain where all the users are so that…

  • How to use REST API without needing to authenticate to server AND One Identity console?


    I'm facing an issue when trying to do REST API calls. 

    I'm using Postman, and when trying to get a session cookie (authentication), I have to both authenticate twice. Once is my own username and password and once for the admin user for One Identity…

  • Password Reset Portal with Starling

    Hi All,

    I need to combine Password Reset Portal with One Identity Starling to permit users to reset password themselves, without passcode generated by Helpdesk/Manager.

    Is it possible in the last release 8.1? I follow set up step as shows in "https…

  • Getting error in while connecting to any of the tools


    I am getting below error while connecting to any of the tools (Manager, Designer, etc) 

    You have connected either to an old database, or to a database that is not correctly configured.

    When I try to Add new connection, it gets successfully added but…

  • unable to login to Password Reset Portal using "Active Directory" authentication module


    I am trying to login to Password Reset web portal using "Active Directioy" (tried all combination of AD authentication modules) authentication module but in some cases it is throwing error user cannot be determined and for Active Directory (manual…

  • DGE Error loading authentication module

    Hi Experts, 


    I was trying to install the OneIM Data Governance Edition to an already existing OneIM 7.1.1 environment.

    The service installation was perfectly fine however when the Activity Database is being created,  it says that the authentication module…

  • RE: Login To Identity Manager tool

    This is correct and by design. In 6.x the Identity Manager only allows role-based authentication. If you want to use a system user authentication use the Manager.

    You will find more about the authenticators in the manuals (they are available online!)…

  • Setting up IT Shop authentication for SSO and manual logon

    Hi all,

    I'm not sure if this can be done or not, so any advice is welcome.

    My customer has their IT shop set up so that they seamlessly go into IT shop as the Windows authenticated account.

    But they have said "what can I do if I want to change the user…

  • WebService Authentication

    Dear community, 

    as I am not fully aware of the functions of the D1IM WebService (not SPML) I came up with a few questions:

    As .NET offers flexibility about the Design of the Web Service request, it is easily to send the needed LoginInformationValue…

  • Pending Attestations Link in Email

    In the attestation approval emails, we are trying to provide a hyperlink to the Pending Attestations screen, but we get "This page can't be displayed" when we click on it. We are using the VI_BuildAttestationLink_Pending script to generate…