• Multiple database integration with DSI module


    I successfully made server level and db level integrations with the synchronization editor but this way I only processed for one db. I have hundreds of databases. Can I automate this and make an integration?

    TRANSLATE with x
  • HTML5 portal MsgBox from request property


    I have created a request property that checks if a user-entered group name (cn) is unique. If the entered value already exists, the user should get a dialog box explaining the error. I have the following code in the Validation script of the request…

  • Theshold for deactivating users in based on ExitDate


    I'm implementing a mechanism to lower the risk of mass-deactivation of users. In our environment we are importing an updating users from HR, and deactivating based on the ExitDate with the default process VI_Person_Deactive_ExitDate_Expired. We…

  • Threshold for number of deactivations/deletions in target systems


    We have OIM 9.1 integrated with an HR-system (trusted source), as well as AD and Exchange (target systems). To compensate potential data errors from HR (eg. wrong end date is set on employees), we have a requirement to implement a threshold for number…

  • NLog

    I found the script that runs the delta sync to Azure and in that script there is a reference to NLog..I need to find out if the script actually did anything, how can I find that logfile?

    This is the line in the script
    Dim log As NLog.LogSession = New NLog…

  • Modifying a list of attributes for ADSAccount in web portal in OIM 9.1


    We have OIM 9.1 and are using the new angular based web portal. We wish to extend the list of attributes for ADSAccount that are shown in Data Explorer view in the web portal. We have extended the list of editable properties for ADSAccount (ie. ServerConfig…

  • Request Property and data from PersonInDepartment

    Hi all,

    I am trying to solve the following use case:
    An Employee is associated with several Departments through PersonInDepartment. When the Employee is ordering a product from ITShop, they should be able to select one of their Departments in a drop down…

  • Fetching data from database in web portal using new Angular based web portal

    Hi, we are having trouble understanding how data is retrieved from the database in frontend. We are struggling to find examples of actual api calling methods, instead what we find are variables like data, datasource, entitySchema etc. without any pointers…

  • Web portal - Unsubscribing on behalf of others


    We have adjusted the filter VI_ITShop_Filter_PersonOrderFor in the Administration portal, to be able to request on behalf of others, but how can we modify the behaviour to also be able to unsubcribe (and renew) on behalf of others? This will be…

  • Web portal: Identities menu in Data Administrator

    How can we add more data fields in the Identities menu, found under Data Administrator/Data Explorer?

    When clicking on a user, we can view some info on the user in the Details tab. The default configuration shows only ‘Display name’, ‘Default email address…

  • Web Portal Error after upgrade to v9.1. Can't login with identity's language being set (UID_DialogCulture not empty)

    Hi all,

    After re-installing version 9.1 web app (portal/IT shop), I noticed strange behavior when logging into a web portal. When logging in as identity (authentication is set to Employee role based) who has UID_DialogLanguage set to any language (tested…
  • Error in System Journal


    When running a sync of Azure and Exchange Online, I get a lot of errors in the system journal:

    (execute slot bulk)
    50000 0  re-throw in Procedure O3E_ZMailboxInDL, Line 44
    50000 0  re-throw in Procedure QBM_PMNTableOriginUpdate, Line 79

  • Powershell-connector

    So I've created my first Powershell-connector and added some logging to a file so see what is happening when I browse, synk and provision users to the target system.

    I have cmdlets for Get-Users, Get-User, and Update-User.

    Get-Users returns an array…

  • Angular based Web Portal - Change colors


    Is there an easy way to change colors in the new Angular based Web portal (Identity Manager 9.1)? We have configured an ApiServer but in the Administration Portal I can only find the option to change company logo, not colors. Do we need to set up the…

  • Application roles and web portal


    Just upgraded our production environment to 9.1 and I am now adjusting the settings for the new angular web portal.

    I want to limit access to the portal to only employees in our IT-department, is there a way to do that?