• Attestation properties are not displayed as configured in web portal attestation case details

    Hello experts.

    I have a question regarding an attestation case. We created a custom attestation procedure where we have to display the values for an attestor to approve or deny a new value of a certain attribute.

    However when the attestation case is generated…

  • Short timeout when logging into angular web portal with OAuth/OpenID and AzureAD

    We are using two authentication modules in our Angular based web portal, “Active Directory user account” and “OAuth 2.0/OpenID Connect” with EntraID (Azure AD) and are having some troubles with short session lifetime when using the OpenID module. We have…

  • Add and remove multivalue properties in HTML5 web portal

    We have a requirement from our customer that they should be able to add and remove proxyaddresses, but not edit existing values. We have created a custom column in the Person table Person.CCC_EmailAddresses) with the same properties as EXHRemoteMailbox…

  • Anyone implemented ITShop request properties on 9.x version?

    The request properties section has been completely redesigned. I think a lot can be done, just wondering if anyone has already played around and have some reference to check? I didnt find anything helpful in the documentation on how to use it.

  • How to customize invite email when creating new Guest type Azure AD user account

    Can we customize invite email when creating new Guest type Azure AD user account?

    For now, whenever we are creating a new Guest user account via Azure AD connector in One Identity Manager, it is creating a guest user in Azure but sending invite email…

  • Starling Connect for SAP cloud Solutions


    Can someone help me with the following question?

    I know that SAP has a Starling Connect connector for the following cloud-based solutions: SAP Concur and SAP SuccessFactors.

    I would like to ask if Starling Connect is available for the following…

  • Migrate data from Language Editor (9.1)

    Hi everyone,

    We have prepared the translation in Desiner- Language Editor to local language on Test environment. Now there is a need to transfer all done work to Production environment. Is there any way to export data from test and import to production…

  • Is there a Permission Group in v9.1 that allows the creation of passcodes for ALL Users

    I have a customer that wants to allow their on-boarding team to create passcodes for all employees but I'm not able to pinpoint this specific permission group in Designer. Can someone please direct me to the correct group that allows passcode generation…

  • Oracle Database Connector Error

    Hi All,

    I am currently traying to create a connector for an Oracle DB. I am using version 9.1 of Identity Manager.

    When I enter the parameters required for the connection, I have the following error:


  • New Identity approval

    Hi everyone!

    I am working on creating identities through the Manager/Admin Web portal Identity manager account Responsibilities>My Responsibilities>Identities>Add a new Identity (customized the VI_Employee_edit to CCC_Employee_edit as per requirement…

  • Error in org sync cannot update department structure from source of truth. Error:The account definition cannot be deleted because it was created using an existing account definition

    Hi experts!

    A new change from our HR system was not successfully replicated to OIM

    We are seeing this error in our synchronization logs

    The account definition cannot be deleted because it was created using an existing account definition

    would it be possible…

  • Delegating request approval but not attestation responsibility for manager


    We have OIM 9.1.1 and are using the new Angular UI.

    We have a requirement to delegate request approval responsibility for managers. For some managers, an administrative employee will perform these tasks on permanent basis. At the same time, we have…

  • Safeguard Connector Thumbprint Error

    I am trying to connect to Safeguard, but I am getting the following error:

    [2134003] Error running synchronization. [1777018] Error running synchronization project (One Identity Safeguard appliance 'SGSERVERPP')'s workflow (Initial Synchronization). …

  • Unable to input the password to Create a new SQL Server Logins for the database in Configuration Wizard as it is greyed out, and even unable to use other options as I get different error messages.

    Hello Everyone,

    I'm having a weird issue, I'm not sure if the approach is correct or wrong, as I'm completely new to OIM, and this is happening while creating new SQL Server Logins for the administrator in Configuration Wizard.

    Version: 9…

  • Accessing DB Via Application Server; Session Has Expired Error

    Hello.  I've created an Application Server and Web Designer Portal on separate servers in a lab.  Both are configured on the site for Windows Authentication and I can access either via a client using SSO (if both are configured to connect directly to…

  • Unable to Edit Post Template


    We have just made upgrade One Identity Manager version from 8.1 to 9.1. We can not edit mail templates in Designer. While we were wanting to edit mail template, we face the error like below;

    Could not file or assembly 'DevExporess.Pdf.v19.2 Core…

  • Multiple database integration with DSI module


    I successfully made server level and db level integrations with the synchronization editor but this way I only processed for one db. I have hundreds of databases. Can I automate this and make an integration?

    TRANSLATE with x
  • HTML5 portal MsgBox from request property


    I have created a request property that checks if a user-entered group name (cn) is unique. If the entered value already exists, the user should get a dialog box explaining the error. I have the following code in the Validation script of the request…

  • Theshold for deactivating users in based on ExitDate


    I'm implementing a mechanism to lower the risk of mass-deactivation of users. In our environment we are importing an updating users from HR, and deactivating based on the ExitDate with the default process VI_Person_Deactive_ExitDate_Expired. We…

  • Threshold for number of deactivations/deletions in target systems


    We have OIM 9.1 integrated with an HR-system (trusted source), as well as AD and Exchange (target systems). To compensate potential data errors from HR (eg. wrong end date is set on employees), we have a requirement to implement a threshold for number…

  • NLog

    I found the script that runs the delta sync to Azure and in that script there is a reference to NLog..I need to find out if the script actually did anything, how can I find that logfile?

    This is the line in the script
    Dim log As NLog.LogSession = New NLog…

  • Modifying a list of attributes for ADSAccount in web portal in OIM 9.1


    We have OIM 9.1 and are using the new angular based web portal. We wish to extend the list of attributes for ADSAccount that are shown in Data Explorer view in the web portal. We have extended the list of editable properties for ADSAccount (ie. ServerConfig…

  • Request Property and data from PersonInDepartment

    Hi all,

    I am trying to solve the following use case:
    An Employee is associated with several Departments through PersonInDepartment. When the Employee is ordering a product from ITShop, they should be able to select one of their Departments in a drop down…

  • Fetching data from database in web portal using new Angular based web portal

    Hi, we are having trouble understanding how data is retrieved from the database in frontend. We are struggling to find examples of actual api calling methods, instead what we find are variables like data, datasource, entitySchema etc. without any pointers…

  • Web portal - Unsubscribing on behalf of others


    We have adjusted the filter VI_ITShop_Filter_PersonOrderFor in the Administration portal, to be able to request on behalf of others, but how can we modify the behaviour to also be able to unsubcribe (and renew) on behalf of others? This will be…