• SFtpComponent - Put

    Hello Experts,

    I'm trying to get a process orchestration in place to SFTP a file. I'm having issues and don't see much on documentation.

    When I ssh to the SFTP server I get the fingerprint and use that for the config parameter. Although when…

  • How to change\generate new GenProcID for Process.

    Hi forum, 

    I'm using One Identity Manager 9.1.1

    I'm trying to develo a process  that assigns/removes a memebership to an account for a generic target system, given specific informations, and i need to monitor the correct execution of the provisioning…

  • How to check an event in the process generating condition


    I need to check in a process generating condition if the event is an insert or it is an update.

    Can you help?

    Thank you,


  • Why is the "UID_RichMail" parameter empty in process "VI_ESS_PWOHelperPWO send mail to remind approver"?

    Hi everyone,

    In One Identity Manager v. 8.2.0 there's the default process "VI_ESS_PWOHelperPWO send mail to remind approver". In the Designer, inside Pre-script for generating, I can see by default: 

    values("UID_RichMail") = $FK(UID_QERWorkingStep…

  • Process orchestration calling a mail template


    I have a need for a process orchestration to send information down to a mail template.

    The data is not present in the table where the mail template is based. The mail template is called by the process orch and was wonder if a parameter in the process…

  • Separate creating unique values for multiple objects simultaneously

    Hi. I have a script that creates unique values when adding new object in UNSAccountB. This script is used in process that starts on the Insert event. Process takes UID processed object and send UID to script (process is generated for each single object…

  • Process does not trigger on Update event on PersonInOrg

    I tried making a custom process that triggers on INSERT on PersonInOrg table. I've checked the "Assign by event" flag and tried using both an empty generating condition and "Value = True" condition. 

    The process is never triggered…

  • Sytem.IO.FileLoadException in custom script after upgrade

    We recently upgraded OneIdentity to 8.1, and one of our custom scripts started failing with:

    System.IO.FileLoadException: Could not load file or assembly 'PhoneNumbers, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=cad7840cee602442' or one of its…

  • Variable set usage in a sync project


    I have a process that should call a startup configuration from a sync project. Depending on the CSV file that's being used in the process, I want to use a specific variable set. Is it possible to map that within the process step parameters or is it…

  • Loop a process for each CSV file that is in a share


    My current predicament is that I have a process that for each CSV file existing in a share, validates the file and if it's ok, then should call a synchronization project. After the import is done, the file should be moved into a processed folder and…

  • Fire a Process on Business Role Update

    Hi I'm using v 8.1.1. I want to fire a process when a particular column on the Business Role is updated. It looks like there's no UPDATE event on Org - there's only INSERT and there are no events on the BaseTree table. Is there any way I can fire a process…

  • How to export report to xlsx format without having headers again and again


    I want to export the port to XLSX format via process and so I have added the export format parameter as "XLSX" but the report is having headers again and again. How to avoid this?

  • Exchange related are getting frozen with error message : OutOfMemoryException

    Hello Team,

    All Exchange related jobs are going to frozen state with error message:

    Can someone check if any configuration changes required to Exchange server?

    ErrorMessages = (2019-11-06 19:00:09.630) [1777018] Error executing synchronization project…

  • unable to push the Mailbox marked for deletion.

    Hi Team,

    I am unable to push the Mailbox marked for deletion from Manager(target system sync Exchnage)

    when trying to push getting below error

    error message:

    Error generating processes for event Update.
    Error executing script 'Event_Update'.

  • what would be the best way to remove all the ads group membership after seven days of termination

    Hi Experts 

    I have a requirement to remove all the ADS groups membership assigned outside of Identity Manager after seven days of termination. 

    I also need to move the OU and put in a archive group at the same time. What is the best possible way I can accomplish…

  • How to manipulate output parameter

    Hi folks,

    We are using Identity Manager 8.0.1. 

    I have a process orchestration which involves process steps of ScriptComponent --> MailComponent - SendRichMail --> MailComponent - SendRichMail. I would like to get the output of the scriptcomponent…

  • Is it possible to securely share variable of any type (e.g. System.Object) between scripts?

    I am trying to securely share variable of any type (e.g. System.Object or SqlConnection) between scripts executed by various processes with ScriptComponent.ScriptExec component?

    Happy to provide more information on actual use cases if this would help…

  • Person table how to capture records deletes

    Requirement : - I need to capture events related to delete events in Person table

    Solution adapted : I set a designer process with delete event.


    when I tried to delete through Manager  a record the process is not getting deleted

    But when I tried…

  • How to encrypt a column via process

    Hi, we have one custom column created with schema extension and it needs encrypted value. When I am passing value from front end i.e ITshop, it is storing this value in plain text. I tried using "encrypted" option in parameter but its not working. How…

  • Build MasterData URL in Attestation - approval required Mail Template OIM 8.0.1

    Hey folks,

    So I have been customizing some mail templates and so far so good for the most part. My current focus is on a new joiner use case, in which I trigger an API call to the application server to insert a person. Thanks to the help of some fine folks…

  • How can we automatically raise a request on specific event of the process?



    Is it possible to raise a request automatically on a specific event of the process? If yes, how can we do that? Please help

  • How to implement sequential processing for process task/process component?



    I want the process task "Send Mail" to execute sequentially and not in parallel. For e.g 100 jobs came in job queue for sending mail at a time so right now One IM executes this job in parallel. But I want it to be done in sequence. I checked…

  • process orchestration loop

    Hi, I have a question regarding process orchestration. I want to send email notifications to different administrators based on the access resource a user has. So In the process orchestration instead of creating individual step-blocks like:

    if user has…