• How to replace the default ITShop Requests report for a customized one?

    We are trying to make a quatitative reports of how many requests were approved by department?

  • Quantitative reports on the portal


    I would like help with a question, I need it to be possible for the user to generate a report on the portal with the number of requests approved by a certain area, only with the total number of requests, without descriptions of who requested what…

  • Why is a custom report empty when scheduled but filled when downloaded on the spot?

    Hi there,

    One Identity - Identity Manager 8.2.

    I created a custom report with the report editor. My problem is: when I try to download the report from web portal clicking on "Get the report now", everything works great (see next two pictures):…

  • Issue with attribute in VI_Person_Overview_With_History report


    we are trying to use the VI_Person_Overview_With_History default report in the Report Editor. The problem is the condition under Display_UNSAccountDisplay_cn.

    {If(String.IsNullOrEmpty(UNSAccount.Data_CanonicalName),UNSAccount.Display, UNSAccount.Data_CanonicalName…

  • Report Editor Import styles option missing (Identity Manager 9.0)

    Hi guys,

    I've been working with report editor for the past two years and today I stumbled across a curious problem. In all IDM versions you could click on data source in existing report, find styles (odd/even lines etc) and export them. You would…

  • Why do I receive a blank report?


    In One Identity Manager 8.2.1 I have created a report in the Report Editor, and I want to make it avaible for subscriptions. 

    I followed the instructions that are explained at this Youtube playlist about reporting. Anyway, if I subscribe with a user…

  • How to remove "Additional Criteria" in Report Editor?


    I'm working on a report which is a copy of existing report (not sure if it's a default report or created by someone else). 

    There is an Additional Criteria (see image) on two Data Sources which I cannot remove/delete effectively, meaning it…

  • How to use Multivalue Parameters in Report Editor?


    I am a completely new user with this software and I did not find the answer in the documentation/google/youtube so I would need some help, pretty please. 

    I received a task to put together some reports in Report Editor.

    I'd like to create a …

  • View a report with three related tables

    Hello Community,

    I have made a report with the report editor tool which contains three related tables and in the preview it is displayed well but when I request an email with the report from the web portal and download it, only the data of two tables…

  • View Report Editor reports from the web portal


    I want to see a report that I have created with the report editor from the web portal, but when I link it I always get the same error that the table cannot be found.

    How can I view the report that I have created from the report editor on the web…

  • Report Editor "Multiple object history" resolve foreign keys

    Hello everyone,

    I have a question regarding Report Editor Multiple object history.

    I have created query "Person" as "Object" and "PersonHistory" as "Multiple object history".

    Is there a way to resolve foreign …

  • Load stored PDF in Web Designer

    Hello everyone!

    We have one particular problem in our One identity environment 8.1. All editions that we make into our custom report for an attestation case don't apply to the report on a web portal.

    When I use Report editor I can see that all my…

  • Report Editor Returning 1900-01-01 when field is null

    I have a report which has a column to show date field. When I execute the query in object browser, the date column shows me blank value(when no data), but while generating the report using report editor, the default value of the column shows 1/1/1900 12…

  • How to handle 500k rows of data in one Report

    I am attempting to export a report in Report Editor that contains a huge amount of data(500K rows) and would like to export the report in excel/csv.
    Version is 8.0 and the erro which I get is System.IndexOutOfRangeException: Index was outside the bounds…

  • Report in xlsx in Report Editor

    Greetings, Background: I am attempting to export a report in Report Editor that contains a datetime field and  would like to export the field in excel/csv as a date format. When the report is exported into csv, my fields displays a string and not as a datetime…

  • One Identity Manager Report Editor : custom colors on the Treemap chart

    Dear all, 

    I would like to define custom colors in the Treemap chart based on argument list (in "Series" Tab --> "Conditions" option. ex : Filed is [Argument] - Date Type is [ String] - Condition [ Containing] - Value [ArgValue]) 

  • Create a report


    I need to know how to create a report who provides me all the deactivated accounts (IsInactive=1). I was looking for in the "Report editor" but I didn't found anything similar.

    I don't know if exist any documentation that teaches…

  • Report Editor - Table Report Header Row


    I created a table report at one time and got a header row to only print on first page.

    You can define it in the properties of the cell to only print on first page.

    I'm now trying to create a new report with a table and cannot do the same for new…

  • Date range in Report Editor


    Can someone tell me how I can get a date range parameter setup in Report Editor?

    I need to get a report to only run against anything that has changed throughout the day.

    Date range would be Today's changes only.

    Thank you,


  • Do Not send a report if empty


    We have several reports that we would only want to email  if Data is present. These are daily/weekly reports would we would NOT want to send if the report is empty. I was not able to find any information relating to this in the manual but wanted…

  • Report field is not exporting as a date in Excel

    Greetings, Background: I am attempting to export a report in Report Editor that contains a datatime field and  would like to export the field in excel as a date format. When the report is exported into Excel, my fields displays a string and not as a date…

  • Filtered by Parameter in Report


    I am in the process of creating reports with various parameters such as company or Employee Type or Employee Status. I would like to display the Parameter values in the Header of the report that were selected by the user when executed.


  • Syntax for Date Range Parameter in Report Editor


    I am not able to locate the correct syntax when using a data parameter where the Range = Yes for the Report Editor. I created a date parameter for my report and set it to Range = Yes but I am receiving errors when executing it because the syntax…

  • Create Report Parameter using Table

    Hi ,

    I am new to the reporting tool and attempting to create a Report Parameter that pulls all the distinct company members from the database so the user can select the desired company name. I have created the report but when using the Data Source =…

  • Query regarding one IM reports.

    Hi Experts,


    How to check what all type default reports available in one IM and to use default reports for different purpose. I am able to see only “Identity Manager 8.0 Report Subscriptions Administration Guide”. is there any other guides for Reports…