• Convert epoch time in Sync editor


    I would like to get data about Expiry date from AD - parameter msDS-UserPasswordExpiryTimeComputed

    As I checked it is the same forma as AccountExpires parameter.

    Where I do not find solution is how can I create vrt property to transfer this number to…

  • Unable to create synchronization project for connecting to Active Directory


    We are using version 8.1.3. We have integrated with one AD domain in One Identity Manager and now trying to integrate with another AD domain. We do not have direct  DB connectivity and it is via Application server. When we try to create AD project…

  • Not all OU in 1IM DB after Active Directory Syncronization (Missing some OUs)


    1IM 8.1. SP2. 

    I created Sync Project Active Directory. 

    I did not change scopes or filters. 

    Not all OU inserted ADSContainer table after syncronization.

    Logs has not errors about OU. 

    In test enviroment with test AD all ok.

    Why it did?    

  • Getting error in AD synchornization to Update


    Getting error while running AD Synchronization to Update. Synchronization inserting to AD from one identity manger is fine.

    Error As follows

    [System.DirectoryServices.DirectoryServicesCOMException] There is no such object on the server.


  • Synchronization Person Table to Active Directory


    I'm actually in the following case:

    When I create a user in the OiM WebPortal, the User is created in the Person Table in the DB. 

    How can I do to send this user created to the ADSAccount table? 

    I just want to automatically synchronize the user…

  • Provision AD and Exchange from One Identity if DNS cannot resolve the domain

    Hello everyone, we recently upgraded our exchange from 2010 to 2016 in Production (Currently one IDM is connected to exchange 2010 and we have both exchange 2010 and 2016 in our production. However, soon they will decommission the 2010 version). I need…

  • Unable to sync a multivalue column in Active directory from One Identity manager

    Hello Team,

    We have created a String type column and marked it as Multi-valued in ADSAccount table as we want to sync the column values in AD "Proxy Address" attribute which is a multi-valued. We are unable to sync the value in AD and neither we are able…

  • Could not create account in Active Directory complaining on password policy

    Hi Experts 

    I am getting a password policy violation error while adding ADSAccount to the target.

    Please find the error below - 

    ErrorMessages () [1777018] Error executing synchronization project (Active Directory Domain )'s workflow (Provisioning).…

  • One Identity Manager - Active Directory Synchronisation

    Novice on the tool, I need help with the synchronization of the active directory and one identity manager.
    After installing, and trying to sync, the information on my active directory is not the same as that of one identity manager.

  • Virtual property for behavior


    I'm trying to add a virtual property to ADSAccount (user) to get the TSBBehavior ITDataUsage of an ADSAccount, with the intention of using the value in mapping conditions to control the rogue modification correction.

    I have added an Object Reference…

  • Unable to create AD project via Synchronization Editor

    Hi Experts,

    I am trying to create AD project via sync editor. But when I provide the AD details and try to save the project ("commit to database"), it gets hanged. Please help.

  • Got no DNS resolution querying gc._msdcs.RooTDOMAIN.COM.

    Hey All,

    We have run in to this issue and can't seem to find any support.  We are able to create groups, create users from OneIM to AD but when we try to provision group memberships for users, it returns an error 

    2018-07-23 00:37:54.6515 INFO (ObjectLog…

  • Error while exciting initial AD Sync.

    Hi Experts,

    We are receiving below error whenever we are executing initial AD sync.

    <x><w>2018-06-21 10:08:07 +00:00 - Warning: Starting queue \RemoteJobServer.<x>
    <p>2018-06-21 10:11:07 +00:00 - \RemoteJobServer - Process step parameter…

  • AD update schema error

    Hi Experts,

    We have exported AD sync project from Synchronization editor and imported it to on new environment.

    After importing it, we have updated connection details to Target system for  new Active Directory then we are trying to update schema.


  • Virtual mapping attribute (object reference) not provisioned in AdHoc


    for ADS synchronization, I have created a custom virtual attribute of type 'object reference'. This attribute contains the short name of the account owner's department (UID_Person.UID_Department.ShortName). The field 'Department' is used for…

  • How to force AD attribute update when no change occured in OneIM?



    I would like to provision some AD attributes based on the values I have in OneIM knowing that no changes occured in OneIM.


    We are using OneIM 7.1.2 and Active Diretory 2012. We already had an almost "out-of-the-box" AD synchronization project…

  • Initial domain sync fails for DC in untrusted domain



    Ok so I have AD sync working fine from our integrated domain, but when adding a domain where there is no trust, I am having issues getting the sync to work.

    Couple of notes:

    • I am able to configure the connection in the Sync editor and browse the…
  • Error projecting user accounts in AD, sync editor, user_password_Set, HResult: 80072035


    I have an issue with projecting new users into AD in my development install.  The process ends in error with the following :

       Internal error in COM access layer: number: 80072035: The server is unwilling to process the request.

    I have researched…