• Error while assigning SAP roles to the user

    I am getting the below error while trying to assign SAP roles to the user from synchronisation editor. Could someone please suggest am I getting this?

    The system.exception says Bitte ein Initialkennwort angebenwhich which translates to "Please enter an…

  • Few attributes in AD are not getting updated in One IM ADSAccount table


    We are using version 8.0. I have created a sync workflow to read the data from AD and update it in One IM. And object matching rule has ObjectGUID as primary rule. But few attributes like "Mail" is not getting updated in One IM while other attributes…

  • Is there a way to Limit OneIM to use only Child Domain for GC Query instead of Parent?

    Hello Experts,

    We have been having a weird issue with our OneIM version 8.0.1.  We have multiple domains and 2 of the 3 domains are working with no errors.  One of the Domain we have is having all kinds of issues.  The difference is the 2 working domains…

  • DPRProjectionStartInfo_Synchronization running for over 24 Hours

    Hello All,

    i have an issue with a Sync Process that has been running over 24 hours now.  Its our nightly sync from AD to OneIM.  we have it scheduled to run at night to bring in changes from one of our domain that is not managed thru oneIM.  i now have jobs…

  • Departments not created during synchronization


    We have set up synchronization project with authoritative HR Source to create Departments in 1IM.
    When we run synchronization, it shows that 288 Inserts are done.But in fact there are no new Department objects appearing in the OIM database.

    We have…

  • Unable to create AD project via Synchronization Editor

    Hi Experts,

    I am trying to create AD project via sync editor. But when I provide the AD details and try to save the project ("commit to database"), it gets hanged. Please help.

  • Got no DNS resolution querying gc._msdcs.RooTDOMAIN.COM.

    Hey All,

    We have run in to this issue and can't seem to find any support.  We are able to create groups, create users from OneIM to AD but when we try to provision group memberships for users, it returns an error 

    2018-07-23 00:37:54.6515 INFO (ObjectLog…

  • Variables of the Target System through Schemas

    Hello all,

    We would like to ask if there is any way to pass a variable through schemas of the same target system in Synchronization Editor. Let's say that we want to synchronize Identities from SAP from 1 schema but we need a property to know if that…

  • Exchange Connector-Cross-Forest authentication

    Hello everybody, I am in trouble on a customer with the current infrastructure and looking forward for advice.
    The One Identity instance with all servers is in the Active Directory Forest A, the target domain in Forest B.
    Between the forests there is no…
  • v8 Synchronization Editor - Requires encrypted values

    So...easyone...after the v8 upgrade, I established connection strings for the all the sync projects. I figured that would be the only time I would have to supply the missing values. Now every time someone accesses a project we have to supply the server…

  • Initial domain sync fails for DC in untrusted domain



    Ok so I have AD sync working fine from our integrated domain, but when adding a domain where there is no trust, I am having issues getting the sync to work.

    Couple of notes:

    • I am able to configure the connection in the Sync editor and browse the…
  • Synchronization TETA for various environments

    We've setup synchronization project for importing Identities from TETA HR system. Because there are two TETA systems (TETA HRM and TETA 2000) we created one synch. project we redefine variable for subsystem:

    In workflow there is a setting to "Delete…

  • IM 7.1 - The reference UID_ProfitCenter has no target!

    We have created synchronisation project (Synchronisation Editor) for Custom HR system (MySQL based).

    We've successfully define property, for Person, VRT_UID_Department ("Key resolution by reference" Base property: UID_Department, Search property: FullPath…