• How we can fetch UTC time in Designer?

    How to fetch UTC time in designer- process

    I need to populate XdateInserted with UTC time instead of local time. Is there a way to do that?

  • How can a archive data from a table to history db which are X days old

    How can a archive data from a table  to history db (different server)   which are X days old ?

  • DialognextId is there a way to reset the nextID

    I have a requirement to have the sequence number from 1 to 10000 once it reaches 10000    this value NextID should be reset back to 1. I tried using designer process to reset the value it is giving permission denied error.

    Is there a way to reset the limit…

  • Can'tset the istowatch =true for PWODecisionHistory record as this record is disabled for istowatch attribute


    Currently in the dialogCoulmn table we can't set the istowatch =true for PWODecisionHistory record as this disabled. How to enable istowatch = true? Any reason why this field is disabled?

  • How to encrypt a column via process

    Hi, we have one custom column created with schema extension and it needs encrypted value. When I am passing value from front end i.e ITshop, it is storing this value in plain text. I tried using "encrypted" option in parameter but its not working. How…

  • Implementing One Identity Defender to Identity Manager

    Hello everybody,

    I am trying to implement two-factor authentication by using One Identity Defender to ITShop and AppServer portals and then later to Manager and Designer apps. 

    For the web portals, I tried using the ISAPI Agent that One Identity provides…

  • How to get value which has type "Double" and the value has 2 or 3 digits after decimal from a database?


    I am using COnnection.GetSingleProperty to read the value of "RiskIndex" from "AERole" table and the risk index is "0.01". Connection.GetSingleProperty as Double returns 0 instead of 0.01. How to handle this?

  • EmailAddress should not change even if Firstname and LastName are changed


    My issue is when user changes his firstname and lastname, defaultemailaddress is getting changed. I removed overwrite checkbox and added 

    If Not $[Isloaded]:Bool$ Then

    'my code to generate emailaddress

    End If

    as suggested in below link


  • Getting error "This employee is not authorized to make approvals"in "MakeDecision" method.



    my use case has approval workflow as below

    1. It is one level approval and has two approval steps.

    a. first step is "BS": back to requester

    b. second is "EX": external approval. External approval calls custom process and this custom process…

  • How to implement sequential processing for process task/process component?



    I want the process task "Send Mail" to execute sequentially and not in parallel. For e.g 100 jobs came in job queue for sending mail at a time so right now One IM executes this job in parallel. But I want it to be done in sequence. I checked…

  • How to add the error/exception thrown by the process step in the table?



    I am trying to add the error thrown by the process in the custom table. I checked notification on error and understood that we use "[AdditionalMessage]" parameter to read exception thrown. But how can I add this exception in table? Please help…

  • How to create single DB object of the table which has two primary keys

    I am trying to create a single DB object of the table "PersonHasQERResource" as I want to update the custom attributes in the table for 1 record. How should I create the DB object in this case? Please help

  • process orchestration loop

    Hi, I have a question regarding process orchestration. I want to send email notifications to different administrators based on the access resource a user has. So In the process orchestration instead of creating individual step-blocks like:

    if user has…

  • Delete custom process

    Hi, I have created a custom process but later on i have deleted the custom table which attach to that custom process. Now i am not able to find that custom process any where. Please help me to delete that custom process. Even i have searched in DialogProcess…
  • Define search criteria for employee assignment

    Hi, I have created a search mapping criteria like AdsAccount.EmployeeNumber -> Person.PreviousPersonnelNumber. Where PreviousPersonnelNumber is custom column which is multivalue column. The above matching search criteria getting failed cause it is not…
  • Scheduled task not running


    A scheduled report has stopped running. It is scheduled to run on the 1st day of the month to email report of all new users. It last ran successfully on Dec 1 2016. It is enabled and set to run on a monthly basis with 1 as the frequency at 9 UTC.