Customers, partners and product experts gather for three-day event in Budapest to discuss solutions, innovations and challenges in the identity governance, privileged access management, access management and IDaaS markets

Aliso Viejo, Calif. – 26 March 2019 – One Identity, a proven leader in helping organisations get identity and access management (IAM) right, will host its annual European UNITE conference from 1-4 April 2019 at the Corinthia Hotel in Budapest, Hungary. Promising to be the biggest UNITE event held to date, delegates will be offered the chance to network, learn from and collaborate with their peers to explore the latest innovations and solutions in IAM, privileged access management (PAM), Identity as a Service and governance control to help them conquer their identity related challenges. Keynote speeches will be given by “The People Hacker”, Jenny Radcliffe from Human Factor Security, Paul Simmonds, CEO of The Global Identity Foundation and CISO adviser, Thom Langford.

Specific breakout sessions hosted by thought leaders and product specialists from One Identity will address best practices and tactics that can be immediately applied to safeguard against emerging threats and malicious actors in a digital world. While Jenny Radcliffe’s presentation entitled “Between the Cellar and the Roof – Why Human Factor and Social Engineering Remain a Threat to Every Business” will remind attendees that human-based social engineering attacks continue to be a threat to businesses of all sizes and in every sector.

"Whilst humans are still often seen as "the weakest link" in the security chain, if technology and people work together they give organisations the best possible chance of defeating malicious attackers,” Radcliffe said.  “If companies don't invest in both of these things, then they leave themselves in a vulnerable position, so I explore how we can use people-based tools and learning to boost organisational security in tandem with their cyber defence programs.  In my talk I discuss psychological techniques as well as key persuasion and profiling measures to prompt people to think differently about security and help us all protect ourselves from people focused social engineering attacks."

Paul Simmonds will provide a visionary look at how the thinking behind the Global Identity Foundation and its work on Identity 3.0 lays a framework for how Identity could look in the not-too-distant future. His talk, “Where Identity is Going – Reacting to A Globalising Corporate World” will show how combining the principles of Privacy, Primacy and Agency can deliver a global Identity ecosystem that puts trust back into everything we do on the Internet.

“Identity has a key role within the bigger framework of entitlement, access management and ultimately risk,” Simmonds explained. “Specifically, being able to make better risk-based decisions about access enables a business to be more agile - and thus competitive - in the today's Internet-connected world.”

Thom Langford will focus on trust during his presentation entitled “Won’t Somebody Think of the Users?” He will discuss how customer identity is an extremely valuable thing and how if that identity is used carelessly, lost or even misconfigured it can result in a complete loss of trust in the company, system or service.

“Trust underpins everything,” Langford said. “My experience as a CISO has shown that if something can go wrong, it will; however, depending upon how the situation is handled, it isn’t always the end of the world!”

Andrew Clarke, Director of Strategic Alliances & Channel Partnerships in EMEA at One Identity, declared: “Having worked in the security industry for over two decades, I have found that each day has always been an opportunity to learn.  With the fast-moving world we live in, the threats and challenges are always present.  So, to have respected security practitioners speaking at our event, bringing their personal experiences and lessons learned to our audience is a real bonus, providing some real insights that will help our customers and partners do their jobs better.”

The event will also feature One Identity Partner Circle discussions to explore business and technical challenges to share how IAM fits into their businesses, a gala dinner evening and the coveted One Identity Partner Awards. The full conference agenda is available here. UNITE programme developments are available throughout the conference using the hashtags #OneIdentityUNITE and #GetIAMRight or via Twitter on @OneIdentity.

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