** New **  Digital Credentials for all One Identity Technical Certification Achievements

Having worked hard to get through a technical training class and passed the final exams - you want to celebrate and let everyone know about your achievement.

In the past we traditionally receive a course certificate - which we can print off and stick on our office wall - and for project work share with our clients to demonstrate our competence to do the work.

But now we are in a new era - and the age of "Digital Credentials" has arrived.

So, One Identity has now invested in tooling that enables all our certified partners to receive a digital credential and share that across social media platforms.

We have selected "Credly Acclaim" to help us achieve our goals since Credly offers advanced technology for easy issuance of professional digital certificates and badges.

A digital badge is a tangible representation of a learner’s competencies and provides a way to assess, recognize, and verify a skill, learning, or achievement.  Every badge contains verifiable data that confirms what, where, and how someone earned that credential. They complement paper-based certificates, but because they’re online, they’re data-rich.  It’s easy for learners to share their digital badges on social media, embed them into an email signature, resume, or website, or use links for full visibility into their verified abilities.

Digital badges have gained significant traction, especially with the advent of the Open Badges Standard, a technical framework that standardizes the creation, issuance, and verification of digital badges.

Digital badges provide a transformative means of recognizing skills and accomplishments beyond traditional qualifications. Their rich metadata, portability, and verifiability make them uniquely suited to the evolving needs of individuals and organizations.

Key characteristics of digital badges

Each badge contains rich metadata, which provides detailed information about the issuer, the criteria for earning the badge, and evidence of the recipient's accomplishment. This metadata ensures transparency and credibility, enabling others to assess its value and authenticity.

Digital credentials are designed to be stackable, so individuals can accumulate multiple badges that represent specific skills or achievements, displaying them together to showcase a holistic skillset. In addition, being portable means that recipients can display their badges across different platforms, such as social media profiles, professional websites, and digital resumes, ensuring consistent visibility of their accomplishments.

Digital badges can be verified in real-time, usually through a unique URL or blockchain technology, ensuring potential employers or peers can authenticate the badge’s origin and validity.

 Digital badges typically use graphics, logos and icons to represent a particular skill or achievement. By using badge templates, they ensure a consistent brand identity across all digital credentials.

One Identity

For One Identity, the set of digital badges embrace all the technical training options - covering One Identity Manager; Safeguard; OneLogin & Active Roles from our IAM portfolio plus syslog-ng - our log management offering.

For those individuals that embrace the full identity portfolio - and achieve Implementation Professional - we have created a Unified Identity Services Champion badge.

Over the coming weeks, past achievers will receive digital credentials to mark their accomplishments - and any newly achieved certifications will automatically get the relevant badge assigned to their profile.

As a reminder, One Identity Partner Training is available via Partner Circle  : Logon to Partner access and then access via this link

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