Automating the partner experience is a critical element of our continual enhancements to Partner Circle.  The areas of channel automation focus now include partner relationship management (PRM); through-channel marketing automation (TCMA); channel learning and readiness (CLR) and channel incentives management (CIM).  Others aspects also include channel data management (CDM); channel marketplaces, financials, pricing and channel partner ecosystem management. 

At the end of 2020, we surveyed our global partner network with a view to tapping into their knowledge and experience to ensure that we focused on key elements and continue to enhance partner circle to help them drive their relationship with Quest/One Identity to new levels.

From the Partner Circle survey we have identified these elements are important to our partners:

  • Growth markets : MSP & Cloud Services
  • Competencies
    • Solution
    • Services
  • Partner status recognition
  • Marketing assets
  • Sales leads
  • Customer Success
  • Ease of doing business

Managed Services Provider (MSP) & Cloud

As customers consider enhancing their operations, IAM is at the forefront of their thinking as they look to address infrastructure, Identity is a cornerstone of their business and controlling and managing individual identities is an area which they place a big investment of time and budget.  Customers have identified that complex and repetitive tasks can be covered by specialist partners that are able to solve their problems by turning on and configuring identity as a managed service.  Alongside cloud services, this approach provides customers access to leading IAM solutions without the barriers that have typically held them back - such as time and expertise - and therefore customers very quickly turn on a service and become productive.  Within the Partner Circle, Quest/One Identity have created a environment for partners to access solutions with a MSP consumption licencing model and to deliver exactly what customers demand.  Solutions such as Starling Connect our SaaS-based IGA solution extend to the cloud and preserve IT investment by building on current identity and access management (IAM) solutions, allowing an enterprise to unify governance and access controls, ensure compliance for access activities and policies, and accelerate user-provision/de-provision processes.


Our partners have also asked for an environment where their teams can access enablement and gain deeper technical training.  We have invested in on-line sales and pre-sales accreditation supplemented by interactive pre-sales boot-camps that transfer and embed knowledge and progressively build Solution competence in specific disciplines. And then for those partners that build a IAM practice, deep technical training is required as defined within the One Identity University that build Service competence.  Our customers are looking to identify which partners to team with as they select; deploy and operate solutions so this approach is ideal to pin-point the right partner combination.

Partner status recognition

Our partners are keen to drive new business initiatives themselves.   Sometimes a partner acts in a role such as consultant or advisor since they have build up many years of experience.  As well as the traditional partner tiering which is built on sales success, as part of channel incentives management we are identifying ways within the program to reward and recognise this involvement.

Marketing Assets

A key factor of success, is achieved when a partner is able to drive a conversation themselves with their own customers - they know what questions to ask and how to respond to the answers.  Our marketing assets have evolved to embrace this need - as part of the through-channel marketing automation there are Sales Plays for each of the key IAM solutions areas plus customer presentations and white-paper assets.   They are available here :  marketing solutions and continually being enhanced.

Across our business in 2021, we have placed for emphasis on "Channel Sourced" - this means that our sales and marketing teams are ready and available to map out a business plan; identify the right tactics and support your initiatives with clear marketing assets that are aligned to corporate messaging to drive positive outcomes.  One area that you will see increased focus is around PAM, where the One Identity Safeguard is making a big impact.  You will see marketing assets that speak to the "PAM Challenge" - where the campaign calls out PAM at ½ the cost in ½ the time.

Sales leads

Historically, we have created a wealth of campaigns as illustrated here : Safeguard Marketing campaigns in a box   These campaigns can be quickly executed to deliver more customer interest and identify new sales opportunities.

Customer Success

We know in engaging new customers there is a point when the prospective customer is looking for examples of the technology in use in similar customers.   We have pulled together a variety of stories - both as written case studies and video broadcasts - which elaborate on partner-customer success and can be accessed here : Customer Success   We are keen to keep this fresh and reflecting new examples and uses of One Identity technologies - if you want to develop a story with us drop us a line

Ease of doing business

We have created a comprehensive partner portal : Quest Partner Circle Program and all classes of partners have access to it.  If you don't  have access yet it is easy to register and take advantage of the assets we have placed there.  It is also the place to access our partner learning center for channel learning and readiness.

When you find a new opportunity it is the place to setup a deal registration and then track the opportunity it collaboration with One Identity sales teams through the various stages to a successful outcome.

The Partner Portal is the place to start - you determine your benefits and access One Identity Technical Support - the one place to ensure your One Identity relationship continues to grow and thrive.

Overall, One Identity globally is looking to provide a clear consistent approach to developing relationships with our partners - to help them execute on their plans faster and to make the whole experience easier - the partner portal and associated automation is helping.   Keep your eyes on our regular One Identity Partner Pulse as we proceed through 2021 - it will keep you informed of new initiatives and ideas to maximise your success!

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