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Are you looking to implement a PAM solution to protect your organization and its data, but constrained budget and timeframes make it seem nearly impossible?

Is your PAM project taking too long, costing too much and definitely not going to deliver the value you require? One Identity’s next-gen Privileged Access Management portfolio delivers all the protection, visibility and scope you need in the quickest time to value and the lowest total cost of ownership.

At One Identity we love a challenge. That’s why we created the PAM challenge where we will prove to you that we can deliver our solutions at half the cost and in half the time.

We can do this because the One Identity Safeguard family of PAM solutions are:

  • Self-contained, hardened appliances ready to plug and play either on-premise or on your preferred cloud platform
  • Modular, yet integrated, so that you only use what you need
  • Easy and affordable to expand to support your growth and increasing needs
  • Familiar and let users to continue to work with the tools and processes they know but with enhanced security and nearly zero learning-curve friction
  • Easily updated to ensure that you always have latest features and updates

Whereas other PAM ‘solutions’ on the market require you to:

  • Buy, install, and maintain third-party components, which adds complexity and cost
  • Learn how to manage, maintain and secure all these third-party components along with an unfamiliar PAM solution. Risky.
  • Purchase and install an entire, complex platform even if you only need a small subset of its functionality
  • Severely impact the way your users work, disrupting operations, and ultimately decreasing security and productivity
  • Heap on additional expense and overhead to an already bogged down project by requiring you to pay for professional services when you need any sort of upgrade

Before you take any more steps with your current PAM project, you need to take the One Identity PAM Challenge. What do you have to lose except for half the cost you were going to spend? So, come on, challenge us to show you how you can get PAM in half the time and at half the cost of the other guys.

Register today and one of our account managers will give you a call to discuss the details.