sms gateway or webservice

Hi Experts,

I have an requirement, sending the OTP via SMS. Customer is having an internal sms gateway which is not actually "mail to sms" supported.

Per the SDK the sms gateway should support the mail to sms process.

Any advice to achieve this, customer is having a middleware and they are asking Password manager to connect the middleware via webservice.


Thanks in advance.





  • Sometimes this kind of issue can happen even with bulk sms services... We had to re-build all of our code basis because of it. But it was not so hard, because we've asked guys who were making bulk texting software about techniques and code basis, which they were using to build their SMS software, and they shared it with us.

  • This worked for me:

    function PreExecuting($workflow, $activity) 
    	$phoneNumber= $activity.Runtime.Controls["ddlPhoneNumber"].Text
    	if ("$phoneNumber" -eq "") {
    		$workflow.ActivityFailure("Please select a phone number")
    	$code = $global.GeneratePasscode(6)
    	$workflow.CustomData["PhoneAuthentication_Passcode"] = $code
        $phone = $phoneNumber -replace '[^0-9]', ''
        $smstext = ' - your reset code, dont tell it anyone'
        $addr = ''
        $postParams = @{
            message=$code + $smstext
        $reply = Invoke-WebRequest -Uri $addr -Method POST -ContentType 'application/x-www-form-urlencoded' -Body $postParams