• CustomSMS activity - OTP Limit time

    I am currently using the customSMS activity to send OTP (One-Time Password) for user registration and password reset.

    The functionality is working correctly, but I would like to implement a time limit of 5 minutes for the OTP to expire.

    Someone have …

  • Set-QADUser & set-QADObject Error : Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation.

    I have tried to update the following virtual attribute (edsvaAssociateLMSAccountWithUser) from TRUE  to Yes ($UpdateValue) and I am getting the following error using both the Set-QADUser & set-QADObject commands:

    set-QADObject $SamAccountName -objectAttributes…

  • Automatically advance workflow step based on value in custom activity

    I have a workflow with several custom activities. The first step presents the user with radio buttons so they can select certain options.  Once they click 'next', depending on what option they selected, I would like them to automatically advance that second…

  • Custom e-mail with powershell


    Is there a way to access a variable from the PowerShell script in a custom email with shared settings?

    Thank you,


  • Password Manager Passcode Generation

    I'm wondering if there is a way to automate the temporary passcode generation to email when a user is added into active directory? My thinking behind this is when a user is setup in AD, we list their email address always. Once that user has been created…

  • The remote name could not be resolved

    Hi experts,

    One of our custom activities inside Password Manager (OIPM version: needs to make a POST to a third party API.

    We are including the code in the powershell script part of the custom activity but we are getting the following error…

  • Howto implement reCaptcha v2

    Hi experts,

    I have realized that implementing the recaptcha functionality is not so straight forward.

    I am guessing that just adding the activity “Display reCAPTCHA” is not enough. That I need to make a POST to google with the g-recaptcha-response (html…

  • Powershell Custom Activity Write into AD


    I am looking to create a custom activity that can allow user to update certain custom attributes in Active Directory.

    Inside the SDK documentation, I have noticed a UserAccountInfo class and AttributeInfo class.

    Please enlighten me on how can I…

  • sms gateway or webservice

    Hi Experts,

    I have an requirement, sending the OTP via SMS. Customer is having an internal sms gateway which is not actually "mail to sms" supported.

    Per the SDK the sms gateway should support the mail to sms process.

    Any advice to achieve…

  • Custom workflow - email user random generated password

     Hello guys,


    I have just recently installed One Identity Password Manager version in our test-environment. We see that the existing workflows can not apply to our situation, and need to create a new simple custom workflow. We are looking for…

  • trap script error and change workflow patch via workflow

    Dear all,

    I would like to create a new workflow to assig local admin right to users that make a request to CSD but I'm stuck finding a way to trap the error of the script.


    function PreExecuting($workflow, $activity){
      $tn = $activity.Runtime.Controls…

  • Set Questions / Answers for a user in powershell



    I didn't find any examples for setting user questions and answers in powershell. There is a method "QAProfileUpdate" for the global variable.

    But what do I have to pass for the "QAProfileInfo" parameter and how do I get it?…

  • How to hash mobile number in CustomSMS Activity?


    I am currently able to use CustomSMS activity to generate OTP and forward it to sms gateway using below script.  But this script displays mobile number in full in the Password Manager User Self Service portal under Generate OTP option e.g. …

  • Set passcode by powershell

    We are using Quest One Identity Manager (V6.1.3/V7.1). If we create a user in Active Directory, we want to set a passcode for this user to login the first time, set Q&As and set a password.

    For that usecase, is it possible to set the passcode automatically…