Spp esx


I am trying to deploy spp 2.11 to vmware esx 6.5u3 

After i start the virtual machine, it stuck at diagnosing windows. 

Any idea 

  • Asking a daft question, Where did you get the 2.11 OVA file you tried to deploy?

    The download page for 2.11 only has the 2.11 patch for an existing deployment or the 2.10 virtual appliance OVA.

    You cannot deploy the patch on its own and this may account for the install being stuck in Diagnostic mode.

    Easy way to check you have the full 2.10 OVA release - it will be 9.3Gb in size, The 2.11 patch file is around 1.7Gb in size.

    As mentioned previously the 6.0:release is not available which has a number of bug fixes so this is the one I would look to deploy but if you do need to deploy 2.11, install the 2.10 OVA then patch to 2.11 or 2.11.1