When is the next LTS releasing with 6.10 features ?

I would like to see some advance features in LTS release

- Browser interface only

- Federation for SPS

  • Hi Rajeeb,

    SPP browser interface only is currently in progress for the Feature release branch and once this is completed then next major LTS release would follow.

    For the question about Federation for SPS, please provide more details on what you are looking to accomplish?


  • Thanks Tawfiq. Federation for both gateway authentication and SPS admin console. Right now the admin console supports only username and password (built in). we are exercising a work around to protect the admin console (accessible only from a specific subnet). The admin console access require strong authentication control.



  • Thanks Rajeeb. We do have existing enhancement requests to improve Web UI login for SPS, to get more details or status updates, you may open a service request via our support portal to request information on existing feature enhancements.