Safeguard Proxy Support for Oracle DB

A prospect is selecting a PAM Solution between the leaders and have to manage several connections for their DB admin directly from their Oracle clients tool.

They ask that the DBAs can create secure sessions directly from their desktop without the need to download agents or launch secondary software. The user can run their own database client directly from their own workstation while the secure session runs through PAM where permissions and workflows are enforced and session events are tracked and monitored.

As far I understood we need advanced proxy support to manage this use case An advance proxy can open access to a database or software through PAM for native clients without any jump server involvement.

The DBA should log to their clients with their domain credentials to start the session to SPS, and then it, working as a Proxy should inject into the session the DBAdmin User and password.

I have read something was done:

Can you help me understand where we are now and if something was done for Oracle?

Has anyone done this already?

has moved and is not with One Identity since last year. Is someone from his team able to contact me or give some advice?

Thank You

Giovanni Motta