• How to link AD users account with Join Domain assets?

    Hi Community,

    I have a Safeguard Privileged Password (SPP), created AD users as SPP users so they can request a password to access the RDP session to joined domain Windows Servers, respectively the can you use account for access the assets (joined domain…

  • Upcoming SPP LTS release?


    We're looking at the support lifecycle matrix for Safeguard for Privileged Passwords, and the 7.0.x LTS branch will start limited support in August, just 4 months from now.

    I couldn't find any information on the next LTS branch, so I figured…

  • Upgrading from Virtual Appliance for One Identity Safeguard for Privileged Passwords

    We are moving from physical appliance to virtual appliance. 

    I was asked by Quest Support to install 7.0LTS and then patch to 7.4, (same with 7.5) this wasn't possible, just got the below screen which from the KB article occurs on installing the OVA…

  • configuring syslog on SPP/SPS


    I have a cluster of SPP and SPS which have multiple network interfaces configured. I am configuring the log forwarding to an SSB, but which network interface is used by default for sending logs?

    Thank you


  • RDS Policy issue on jumphost

    Hi there,

    I'm reaching out to seek support for configuring Safeguard. Currently, in our setup on SPS:

    1. We have a scenario where access to 2 jumphosts is possible via RDP. In the "safeguard_default" channel policy, we have enabled copy-paste.…

  • Link Discovered Azure Accounts



    I want to link discovered Azure Accounts with Users on SPP, so users can only request their personal Azure accounts.


    As Azure is not defined as a Directory in SPP it’s not possible to link them the standard way.


    Thank you for your help…

  • how to implement best practice SPP 7.3

    Dear community,

    I was excited to join this community and work with all of you. I have a question regarding best practices for using one Identity Safeguard Privileged Password 7.3, specifically in regards to adding Dell iDRAC. I am looking for any available…

  • Safeguard: Session Time Remaining

    Dear Community,

    I have a question regarding Safeguard.

    Is there anywhere in the settings (in SPP or SPS) the remaining time of the active session displayed on the user's screen, when the session comes to the end? On the session (on remote asset) itself…

  • Missing "Start SSH Session" button

    Dear Community,

    I am facing the following problem:
    I have 2 users, the first one is a local user created inside Safeguard (SPP) and the second one is a user that was obtained from an AD-group (Dynamic User Group in SPP).
    Both users have the same permissions…

  • Management Of Azure AD Privileged Accounts on Safeguard

    Is it Possible to manage Azure  AD Privileged Accounts like a global ADmin on safeguard SPP? I have searched but havent found any documentation on it.

  • Seeking Solution: SPP Entitlements and User-to-Server Access Mapping Issue

    I've encountered a challenge with entitlements in SPP concerning user-to-server access mapping. With our configuration, individual domain accounts are set up to grant access to particular Windows Servers. However, when a user initiates a new request within…

  • User is not authorized to access this system


    When we try to logon to Safeguard SPP (7.3) using an user(account) in Azure AD, in combination with Starling Connect (EU), we get the message "User is not authorized to access this system" at the logon screen (and in the logging). The Activity…

  • AD failing after validating all permissions and communications

    I have integrated an AD asset to manage accounts.

    When I read users or groups it works perfectly

    1. I can discover accounts in the AD

    2. I can test the asset successfully

    3. I can test connection sucessfully

    4. I can check the functional account succ…

  • End of Life for Safeguard 2000 Physical Boxes?

    Hello Experts,

    When's end of Life for Safeguard 2000 Physical Boxes? We want to refresh our environment but analyzing options to make it future proof. is it recommended to move to new Safeguard 3000 boxes?


    Osman Yousuf

  • Disable sound alarm for SPP hardware

    Can I disable sound alarm for SPP hardware in case there is an error ?

    Safeguard for Privileged Passwords  3000 Appliance Hardware.

  • How does SPP chage the passwords of accounts after check in?

    Hi everyone,

    how does spp change the password of an account after check in?

    Do i need to add a Service user somewhere in SPP or how does SPP have the AD rights to do so?

    Where i need to add the account?

    Best regards


  • Safeguard Approve from Email

    Hello Experts,

    I am looking to have easy approval process for safeguard requests. Current flow I see has email notification and have to login to safeguard to approve, I'm looking to approve it directly from email if a button is possible or through mobile…

  • remote apps how they work? will it work for https web traffic?

    I couldn't find any clear documentation for Remote apps on how to configure or a use case. Will remote apps work for http/web traffic configuration ?

  • SafeGuard 7.0.2 LTS. Account password change issue

    After upgrading to 7.0.2 we are seeing issue for functional accounts password change. Requests are being stuck with error. this was a working environment with 7.0 base LTS until the latest upgrade has been applied. I've verified in Assets AD sync is successfully…

  • Issue with certificate with Custom connector


    we created a custom connector and we test the connection in Asset Management > Asset > "our_custom_connector" > Test connection, but we have a certificate error. (The remote certificate is invalid according to the validation procedure).…

  • Enable secondary authentication on SPP group


    I'm using One Identity Defender to enable the 2FA in Safeguard for Privileged Password.

    I enabled the secondary authentication option in the Active Directory group's authentication tab on SPP but the users are still able to login without the…

  • Recording HTTP/HTTPS URL's control

    Hello Experts,

    I am looking to add some URL's in Safeguard for control and record and would like to know is there anyway to achieve this? because I see only rdp and ssh/telnet options and not https in SPP. I have some Firewall that already are added through…

  • How to configure an the arg parameters for remoteapp launcher for an an application that doesn't have arguments

    when creating remoteapps there are applications like Calculator and paint that doesn't require an arguments hot to configure remoteapp launcher to launch them while it's required to add an arguments for application that doesn't require arguments ???…

  • how to configure an asset to connect with a Windows application server

    I'm using SPP and SPS on a virtual environment on Hyper-V, I want to create an access request policy of an RDP application session, in the security tab there is an RDP host asset, by reading SPP admin guide page no 477 it says 

    that RDP host asset is…

  • unable to connect to AIX server


    I have an issue with AIX server I have added it in our SPP and it was working just fine, however now when I test the connection or want to do discover accounts it shows the below error: 

    Please note that I am using SPP 6.13

    Also, the users can…