distribution list members -workflow

I am trying to create a workflow to send a list of group members to the group owner every so often to validate correct group members.

  • I tried to keep this as simple as possible.

    This is based on an Automation Workflow.  It is currently set to send the information to the person who launched the workflow so all emails (one per group) will come to that person.

    The only thing not shown is defining the contents of the Notification in the "Obtain Member List and Notify" Activity.  You would add "tokens" to that to include the displayname of the group and its members.  Note:  The presentation of the group member names is not that great.

    Two suggested enhancements:

    1) Send the emails to the group owner

    2) Format the group member names

    Both of these would require more engineering than I was prepared to put into a "free" solution.

    Hopefully you can read the diagram when you enlarge it.  If not, let the group know and I will provide you a link to a better file.

  • Additional info:  The second two activities are "nested" inside the first Search activity.  It probably doesn't show up well in the picture.  Functionally, this means that the second two activities will fire for each group Owner identified by the first Search.

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